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Ghost Hounds (1917)

Ghost Hounds (1917)

  -   Comedy | Short

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'Tis the morning after the night before. Silas Shakaleg, the fearless sheriff of Mushroom Manor, is sleeping alter his all-night vigil in the shrubbery surrounding the haunted mansion. The telephone rings. Thieves are robbing Millionaire Hawkin's hen roost. Hastily donning his hat, fearless Shakaleg hurries out to make his capture. The thieves prove to be our old friends Ham and Bud. Clapping them into his portable jail, which he hauls with him in his chase after thieves, the sheriff returns to his abode there to hold court and pronounce them guilty of stealing Farmer Hawkin's hen fruit to pay off a debt of $1,000. Deserted by all save the farmer's winsome daughter, the egg lifters are sentenced to spend a night in the haunted house. Their only consolation is the promise of the Girl to visit them. What the real thieves, who have made their rendezvous in the mansion, do to our poor unfortunates is a shame. As dawn breaks, after a night of terror, of ghosts and of dancing skeletons, our frazzled ghost hounds may be seen wending their way to the nearest railroad track.
Lloyd Hamilton
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