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The Scoop (1912)

The Scoop (1912)

Short | Comedy | Drama

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All the newspapers in town have failed to get an interview with Cornelius J. Smith, the multi-millionaire. Beulah Mead, a young society reporter on the "Sun," asks permission to try to get it. She arrives at the barricaded summer home of the millionaire, gets over the wall, and meets Cornelius J. Smith, Jr. He is working in the garden and dressed accordingly, and does not tell who he is. She cannot drop from the wall unassisted, and he agrees, for a kiss, to assist her and tell her where she can find his father. She finds him in swimming, without a bathing suit, and sitting on his clothes, demands an interview. He dare not come out and soon grants her the desired interview. She thanks him for his kindness and leaves the coast clear. She has to pay two kisses to Smith, Jr., to get out of the garden. She seems to be indignant, but finally laughs as she bids him good-bye. It is a big victory for her. She secures the interview for her paper, a "Scoop." Cornelius J. Smith, Jr., calls on her at her home and she finally realizes when she sees his card who he is. He proposes, she accepts, and he makes a "scoop" for himself.
William Humphrey
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