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Ashburn VA US [X]

How the Telephone Came to Town (1911)

Short | Comedy

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Preparations are being made by the telephone company to invade a small town where many property owners happen to be women of the antiquated type who object strenuously to the erection of unsightly poles. They draw up a formal protest and proceed to the office of the mayor, who, of course, is unable to grant their request. The leader of the anti-telephone pole movement finds, upon her arrival home, a number of workmen about to plant a pole in front of her property. With one bound she leaps into the hole to the astonishment of the nonplussed workmen. A crowd soon gathers. The foreman, superintendent and a policeman make all sorts of threats, but to no avail. She holds the fort and defies them all. All wonder how it's going to end, when a bright-looking school teacher comes to the rescue and whispers something in the superintendent's ear. He sees the point and, with the policeman, leaves the seat of war. The officer soon returns with a tiny live mouse. Needless to say, the determined lady scrambles out of the hole instantly and the pole is planted triumphantly.
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