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Adventures of a Drummer Boy (1909)

Short | Drama

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In the home of a Union officer his three children are playing soldier, the oldest, a boy of 12, acting as captain over his two sisters, who are younger. The father is about to leave for the front and is taking leave of his family. The little boy clings to father, begs to be taken along, and is gently but firmly refused. As the husband departs, the wife and children re-enter the cottage. Presently the boy takes his sword and toy drum and, unseen by his mother, leaves the house and goes in the direction taken by his father. The youngster reaches the Union encampment and is being questioned by the general as the father comes up and stands horrified to find his boy there. The little fellow salutes and asks to be made a drummer boy. The father again refuses and orders a soldier to take the boy home. This cannot be done, as the enemy surrounded the camp, and the father is finally obliged to grant the request. The new recruit is equipped with a uniform, given a real drum, and proudly marches off with a scouting party. They have proceeded but a short distance when they are fired upon by the enemy and forced to return to camp. The strength of the enemy is unknown and the general instructs a soldier to secure this information. While the conversation between them is going on the little drummer boy puts on a pair of overalls, takes a market basket on his arm and starts out for the necessary information. While crossing a field, the boy is intercepted by the enemy. They question him, but his apparent innocence saves him and he is allowed to proceed on his way, not until, however, be has counted the soldiers. Returning to the Union camp with the good news, plans are made for an immediate attack. The soldiers, including the little scout, attack the enemy and drive them off, then return to camp, where the little drummer boy is adorned with a medal for his bravery. The trouble over for the time being, the father secures a leave of absence and returns home, taking the little hero with him.
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