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The Girl with Three Camels (1967)

The Girl with Three Camels (1967)

  -   Comedy

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Sixteen-year old Bobina Gromová (Zuzana Ondrouchová) surrenders to the charms of a blue-eyed youth she meets at a dance and loses her virginity with him that same night. Only then do they introduce themselves and learn each other's names. Their courtship is short-lived, the next day the assembler Pepík Bajcura leaves for Algeria to work on construction. After a while, a postcard of three camels arrives from him, with a short greeting. The letter that the pregnant Bobina writes to him is returned with a note that the addressee has died in an accident. The girl's mother Bozena (Slávka Budínová) is single, just like her grandmother and great grandmother. This is why Bozena decides to resolve her daughter's "problem" with an abortion.
Václav Krska
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