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La Conga Nights (1940)

La Conga Nights (1940)

Certificate Approved   -   Comedy | Music

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Henry I. Dibble, Jr. (Hugh Herbert)is a dizzy millionaire playboy who loves rhumba music. Thorns in his side are his four maiden sisters Faith (Hugh Herbert), Hope (Hugh Herbert), Charity (Hugh Herbert) and Prudence (Hugh Herbert). A crisis comes when they order Junior to evict Mama O'Brien (Ferike Boros) and her penniless guests from property owned by the Dibble estate because she can not pay the rent. But when Junior arrives he hears rhumba music coming from within and rents a room and moves in. And proceeds to alter the livers of those who live there, including Steve Collins (Dennis O'Keefe, a taxicab driver who wants to be a dancer, and Steve's girlfriend, Helen Curtiss (Constance Moore), an unemployed singer.
Lew Landers
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