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Man's Lust for Gold (1912)

Man's Lust for Gold (1912)

  -   Short | Drama

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Gold is the seed of avarice, theft, murder, and, in fact, most of the evil of the world. In our picture we show the father of a little family killed by a claim jumper who tries to take possession of his claim. Further on the claim jumper discovers the rich Skeleton Mine, guarded by a grim sentinel, the skeleton of its first victim. Bags of gold lay by and the claim jumper lugs two off. Out of water and fatigued, he buries the gold, intending to come back for it later. However, his strength fails him, and some distance on he falls exhausted. In this plight he is encountered by the son of the miner, whose claim he tried to jump and killed, but the boy's feelings towards him are now softened by his pitiful condition. Before the claim jumper dies he draws a map of the location of the gold. The boy and girl start out and they are made to realize the struggle gold induces.
D.W. Griffith
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