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The Stolen Dog (1911)

The Stolen Dog (1911)

Comedy | Short

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A young man, while out for an airing with his valuable dog, meets a young lady and stops for a moment's conversation. While thus engaged a tramp espies the canine, picks him up and disappears into another street, where he sells him to a man for five dollars. Afterward he seeks the owner of the dog and offers to return the animal to him for twenty-five dollars, five dollars on account and the balance of twenty upon delivery. With ten dollars in his pocket and twenty more in sight, the avaricious tramp succeeds in picking up the dog a second time when the man to whom he sold him isn't looking. He restores the dog to its original owner, who is on the point of paying the extortion, when the second victim, having trailed the tramp, appears upon the scene and claims the dog. Here a wrangle ensues. In which the tramp, subjected to some rough handling, is forced to give back his ill-gotten money and is then kicked out. Having recovered their property, the two men now come to a mutual understanding and indulge in a friendly drink, in which the dog joins!
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