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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Child Crusoes (1911)

Short | Adventure

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Jack, a little orphan, is anxious to become a sailor, and although Captain Rhines refuses to take him aboard his ship, manages to sneak in as a stowaway. When out to sea a few days, he is discovered, and is about to be disciplined, when the captain's daughter, May, intercedes. A terrific storm strikes them, and the ship is dashed to pieces. The captain, with the assistance of Jack, builds a little raft, and with little May, they set out for an island which they can hardly discern, as it is so many miles away. After drifting for many hours, they at last reach the island, which is inhabited by a savage tribe. The captain, making his way over a rock-bound coast, misses his footing and is dashed to pieces. Little Jack and May are now left alone, and together they succeed in building a crude shelter. A fire is started for cooking purposes, and the smoke attracts the attention of the savage inhabitants of the island. Jack, seizing his rifle, manages to shoot the foremost one. The report of Jack's rifle is heard by an officer of an American man-of-war, who happens to be on the island, and he, together with his men, go to the rescue of the little tots. It is not long before they are on their homeward journey.
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