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Sunshine Sue (1910)

Sunshine Sue (1910)

  -   Drama | Short

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Sue is the sunshine of the old home; ever smiling, singing and lifting the burden from the shoulders of her parents in their declining years. She is beloved by Tom, an honest country lad, who is at a loss to know how to evince it, she too carefree to understand. He was content to sit for hours and listen to her sing and play the old songs on the parlor organ. Fate seemed to be taking good care of affairs, until one day a summer boarder pays the homestead a visit. Good looking, easy of manner and the owner of an automobile, Sue feels quite elated when he pays her some attention. She readily consents to taking a ride with him, which meets the approval of her parents, who look upon the young man as highly reputable. Ah! Here is the time-honored trick of fate; the playing with fire, so often the beginning of the end. Some miles away from the village, the auto becomes conveniently disabled, and as it is assumed it will be some time before it is righted, the young man suggests that they go to the roadhouse nearby for rest and refreshments. So well entertained is she that the time flies swiftly and when she suggests returning home she is made to believe that it is too late to return home that night. Stunned at first by this intelligence, she awakens to the full realization of the situation and excluding the young man from the room, she passes the night alone in dreadful anxiety, for she imagines the disquietude her dear old folks are suffering. And rightly, too, for at dawn we see her poor old father with faithful Tom, after an all-night vigil at the front gate sorrowfully dragging himself up to the cottage door. The young man returns to Sue in the morning and persuades her to go with him to the city, promising to marry her upon arrival. To this she consents and he installs her in a furnished room while he ostensibly goes to make arrangements for their marriage. While he is away she writes this news to her father. But, alas, the poor girl is later made to appreciate the cruel truth of the situation when the young man pretends his father objects to his marrying just at present. He, of course, reasons that she has gone too far to turn back, in fact, she fully realizes her awful predicament, for she knows how the world will regard her apparent indiscretion, so ashamed to return home, she seeks employment. In this direction she meets with the indignities often afforded the innocent by those human vultures who call themselves men. Her experience is enough to convince her of the falseness of the world she would enter, so back home she goes the same day to be received with open arms by her dear old daddy, whose searching gaze she has met with a smile.
D.W. Griffith
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