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1. Game of Power

Crime, Drama, Mystery | Pre-production

Newspaper journalist Louis Ranaldi finds himself questioning the circumstances involving the sale of a popular neighborhood bar called Delaney's that was converted into a strip club. He ... See full summary »

Director: Jerry London | Star: Shannon Elizabeth

2. Supposition

92 min | Crime | Post-production

When a first year law student at the Southfield, Colorado University of Law is charged with murder, her classmate Cal has 15 hours to prepare a new defense when the overwhelming evidence against her forces her incompetent defense lawyer to quit.

Director: Brandon Watson | Stars: Tahmoh Penikett, Caroline Buzanko, Ray Pearson, Blaine Schlechter

3. Click Click Boom

R | Comedy, Musical | Announced

Sing Click Click Boom (Radio Version) in the Style of "Saliva". Stingray Karaoke Rock, Nü Metal, 2001, English, Key C#.

Directors: Jashan Makan, Biswajit Patel | Stars: Praneet Akilla, Kishen Tanna

4. The Million Dollar Man

Comedy | Announced

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Director: Scott Marshall

5. Blitzed (I)

90 min | Horror | Announced

An intervention goes horribly wrong.

Stars: Michael Eklund, Sara Canning, Kerry James, Patrick Gallagher

6. The House of Adelyn

Adventure, Family, Fantasy | Announced

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Director: Shannon Lanier | Stars: Joseph D'Onofrio, Alexis Barone, Shannon Lanier

7. The Ladies of Calgary (TV Movie)

8 min | Reality-TV | Completed

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Director: Chad Dearle | Stars: Carolyn Bridget Kennedy, Marnie Madden, Jill Maria Robinson, Uma Jama

8. Space Rippers

90 min | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi | Post-production

Science and magic clash among the stars when a notorious team of space-going media pirates rips a cursed DVD and unleashes a vengeful Anti-Piracy Witch.

Director: Chris Shalom | Stars: Jen Znack, Chengis Javeri, Wolsey Brooks, Dylan Marceau

9. Trickrider

Family | Announced

A family movie about a girl, her enduring love for a horse - and the strange sport of trick-riding.

Director: David Winning

12. Sideshow Blotto

72 min | Drama | Completed

A worker from the refineries up north comes into the city for the weekend and is determined to have a good time... and to drag anyone he meets along with him. Concurrently, there is a ... See full summary »

Director: Sean Corbett | Stars: Alejandro Rae, Deanne Adams, Siobhan Cooney, Clayton Reeder

13. Epitaph (I)

Short, Drama, Horror | Filming

A young man struggles to survive in the forest after the apocalypse.

Director: Joseph M. Teminsky | Stars: Josh Debolt, Alex Louie

15. A Pinch of Sugar

Short, Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

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17. The Pipeline Mafia

Drama | Pre-production

Starring a Crew of 4 Pipeline workers working on a Canadian Pipeline Project. This story follows the temptations,trials and tribulations of a crew of young workers trying to make it thru ... See full summary »

Directors: Paul Braaten, Patrick Strevens | Stars: Chad Riley, Paul Braaten, Dareld Poittris, Bryan Martin

18. The Jump List

32 min | Short, Drama | Filming

Two social outcasts develop a "Jump List" to get back at their bullies, all the while struggling with their morals and each other.

Director: Noam Suissa | Stars: Michael Kufeldt, Bonnie Wearmouth, Quintin King, Connor MacDonald

19. Outlaw Cherokee Bill

120 min | Action, Western | Announced

This is the true story of Cherokee Bill. The notorious Black Native American outlaw that was born in 1876 and hung on St. Patrick's Day 1896.

Director: Jan Johnson Goldberger

20. Crazy (I)

Action, Comedy, Crime | Announced

Two hitmen and a getaway driver find themselves in the middle of a confrontation between a drug lord, an arms dealer and a con man, all surrounding the mysterious contents of a messenger bag.

Director: Gabe Zia | Stars: Joseph M. Teminsky, Scotia Elizabeth-Adair Wills, Harrison Price, Nick Johnstone

21. Root of the Problem (2019)

Drama | Pre-production

Root of the Problem is an inspirational family drama. Sometimes it takes life's darkest moment to bring you to the brightest light.

Director: Scott Corban Sikma

22. cLosers (2019– )

Comedy | Pre-production

A satirical comedy following the day-to-day life of Realtors going about and building their business within the superficial and deceitful Real Estate Industry.

23. Concrete Cowboys (2019)

5 min | Short, Drama | Pre-production

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Director: Ty Javos | Star: Ty Javos

24. Alive (I) (2018)

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Rob Grant | Stars: Thomas Cocquerel, Camille Stopps, Angus Macfadyen, Chantal Perron

25. True Fiction (2018)

Horror, Thriller | Post-production

Avery Malone, a wannabe writer and lonely librarian, gets her big break when she's hand-selected to assist her hero, reclusive author, Caleb Conrad. Whisked away to Caleb's remote estate, ... See full summary »

Director: Braden Croft | Stars: Sara Garcia, John Cassini, Julian Black Antelope, Julian Richings

27. From Hell, With Love (2018)

85 min | Drama | Post-production

Based on the 14th century poem, Dante's Inferno, a young woman finds herself navigating the circles of Hell in a effort to find salvation.

Director: Taya Walter | Stars: Emily Dallas, Simon Tottrup, Taya Walter, David Oulton

28. Refuge in the Rockies (2018)

13 min | Documentary, Short, Sport | Completed

Anderson Losada is a Columbian refugee resettled in Canada, where an obscure law prevented him from citizenship and cost him his Paralympic dreams in downhill skiing.

Director: Kaio Kathriner

29. Valerie (I) (2018)

Action, Mystery, Romance | Post-production

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Director: Alexander Kominek | Stars: Michele Wienecke, Kathryn Kozody, Amber Bissonnette, Robert Larrabee

30. Pathfinder: New Destiny (2018– )

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

A terror attack in the Pacific, government coverup, forbidden friendships, and an extinction level event - the Journey begins. Pathfinder: New Destiny is the story of Colonel Richard ... See full summary »

Stars: Koen Aerts, Ola Alaka, Wendy Aloha, Mike Anthony

31. One Nation Under Canada (2018)

Documentary | Filming

A Canadian filmmaker embarks on an epic road-trip, reaching the four farthest corners of the continental USA, in search of what is freedom and the great American dream.

Director: John-Eric Nicholson | Stars: Matthew Silver, John-Eric Nicholson, Michael Barratt, Jack Shealy

32. Home Party (2018– )

Comedy | Active

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Stars: Troy Greenwood, Ally Lane, Amber Bissonnette

33. Fragment (I) (2018)

Crime, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

After a body is found in the wilderness, an investigator slowly goes mad with obsession.

Director: Joseph M. Teminsky | Stars: Graham McDowell, Gabe Zia

34. Pluck (2018)

7 min | Short, Drama, War

In 1916, Buchanan 'Pluck', and his best friend, Billy Parker, are young farmers turned Canadian Soldiers. Using music to keep their morale afloat, Buchanan and Billy deal with the impending... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Geddes | Stars: Mihai Dan, Logan Teske, Shawn Elgby, Sean Lesko

35. Dr. Face: Time 2 Face Justice (2018)

45 min | Short, Action, Comedy | Completed

Superhero Detective, Dr. Face, follows his arch nemesis back in time to avenge the death of his rookie and save the future in this dark comedy.

Directors: Ryan Drescher, Kelly Zak | Stars: Spencer Streichert, Ethan Ross, Adam Kostiuk, Brody McCool

36. Auryon (2018)

Short, Action | Post-production

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Director: Vanessa Wenzel | Stars: Siobhan Cooney, Conner Christmas, Whitney Ollenberger, Pryscil Daigle

37. Dear Stella (2018)

Short, Thriller | Completed

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Director: Sameena Darr | Stars: Samantha Ferrari, Evan Tario, Jane Tetley, Sajan Dhaliwal

38. Cleaning Squad (2018 TV Movie)

20 min | Comedy | Pre-production

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Director: Hamish Crawford | Stars: Mackenzie Mcdonald, Mandee Marcil, Hamish Crawford, Stephanie Morris

39. Pole with Paula (2018)

Comedy | Post-production

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Director: Janie Fontaine | Stars: Ann Ervin, Caroline Buzanko, Chengis Javeri, Bud Klasky

40. Dr. Face 2: Time 2 Face Justice (2018– )

Comedy, Sci-Fi

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Stars: Spencer Streichert, Ethan Ross, Adam Kostiuk

41. The People Over There (2018)

10 min | Short, Adventure

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Prehistoric symbols and status are explored in this tale of an ice age woman, Eira. It's not a struggle for survival, or a quest for fire, but a search for a mystic symbol Eira must retrieve from across a gauntlet of the terrors of nature.

Director: Jeff Hanni | Stars: Terry A. Brown, Jasmine Zoeretta, David Michael McArdle, Dave El Wray

42. Hold the Dark (2018)

TV-MA | 125 min | Adventure, Drama, Mystery

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63 Metascore

After the deaths of three children suspected to be killed by wolves, writer Russell Core is hired by the parents of a missing six-year-old boy to track down and locate their son in the Alaskan wilderness.

Director: Jeremy Saulnier | Stars: Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, James Badge Dale, Riley Keough

Votes: 13,175

43. Gertrude and her Plant, Steve (2018)

10 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

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Gertrude learns that her boyfriend is having an affair. To cope, she starts carrying around a potted plant. Everywhere.

Director: Matt Prazak | Stars: Jenny Austin, Brandon Jason Miller, Dawn Nagazina, Andrea Pipinato

44. Tom, Are You There? (2018)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Laura Tremblay | Stars: Rachel Delduca, Reece Rowat, Laura Tremblay, Omatta Udalor

45. Ring Warriors (2018)

44 min | Documentary, Short

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Canadian Wrestling Elite is a burgeoning organization run by Danny "Hotshot" Duggan. See the action on their western Canada tour as he aims to make CWE a nationally touring company.

Director: Scott Carnegie | Stars: Kevin Lee Davidson, Tony Kozina, A.J. Larocque, Brian Logan

46. Suburban Trauma (2018)

Short, Comedy

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Directors: Randolph West, Anna Mae Alexander | Stars: SueAnne Fu-Joncic, Sarah M. Gibbs

47. OdderOtter: End Boss (2018 Video)

Short, Musical

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Director: Shawn Savard

48. On a Scale of 1 to 10 (2018)


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Director: Laurent Goldstein | Stars: Laurent Goldstein, Jennifer Unruh

49. UFC on Fox: Alvarez vs. Poirier 2 (2018 TV Special)


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Stars: Eddie Alvarez, Dustin Poirier, José Aldo, Jeremy Stephens

Votes: 24

50. Valley of the Lanterns (2018)

97 min | Animation

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An old woman's hold on the past puts her family's future in jeopardy.

Director: Caleb Hystad | Stars: Samantha Ferris, Thomas Haddaway-Graham, Ian Hanlin, Jonathan Love

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