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1. Muscle Dragger

Action | Post-production

It is 1962 when Frank prepares his 1955 muscle car for another challenger. In his fifteen-plus years of street racing in the valley' Frank has seen it all. Accompanied by his nephew, Rickey... See full summary »

Director: Ernest Serrano | Stars: Ryan Ochoa, Jerry G. Angelo, Anthony 'Citric' Campos, Michael Joseph Pierce

2. Confessions

Horror | Pre-production

A priest (Father Micheal King) is called to a psychiatric ward regarding a possible demonic possession. When Father Micheal meets Lisa Coal, their interactions leads to a series of confessions they both did not expect.

Stars: Alysia Ingrim, Michael Joseph Pierce

3. Wolf Soldier (2018)

Short, Adventure

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The VA is gonna regret what they did to 'The first leading man of color to play a werewolf' ..

Director: Ernest Serrano | Stars: Allan Abshire, George Ozburn, Jason Sterling, Joey Otten

4. Fright Force 2021 (Video)

65 min | Action, Adventure, Horror | Pre-production

What if instead of 18 year old soldiers, we sent the most dreaded allies the United States Military has to offer.

Director: Ernest Serrano

5. Creepy, Creepy Soul (2017)

9 min | Short, Horror

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2025 - The deep dark web is a place where the government and laws have all the power. Horrible things happen in this place. Sometimes things for there, should never be unearthed.

Director: Ernest Serrano | Stars: Adriana Victoria Herredia, Cesar Ramos Zamora

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