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1. The Mansfield Killings (2020)

Crime | Pre-production

Two ex-convicts go on a killing spree murdering six people. In a cornfield in Mansfield Ohio John Niebel, his wife, and their daughter find themselves at the hands of these brutal and gruesome killers.

Directors: Don E. FauntLeRoy, Mariya Pyter | Stars: Richard Portnow, Lisa Wilcox, Tony Devon, Kim Estes

2. Heavy Metal (2016)

16 min | Short, Horror

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What happens when your mother tells you not to listen to Heavy Metal, but you do it anyway...and then you bring your friends in on this mischievous deed as well! Beware the consequences of what mother says!

Director: Jennifer Dawn | Stars: Katherin Kovin-Pacino, William Lashbrook, Jimi Shawndi, Linda Salvin

3. To the Top (2016)

Adventure, Drama, Musical

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Director: Jennifer Dawn | Stars: Katt Shea, Tony Devon, Angela Kerecz, Chalet Lizette Brannan

Votes: 23

4. Don't Ever Tell (2016)

Approved | 40 min | Short, Crime, Drama

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This is feature film about bullying and violence involving the lives of teens and individuals around the world; telling their stories in a drama/action based film and produced in a ... See full summary »

Directors: Satadru Bhattacharyya, Paul Bounds, Jennifer Dawn, Brogan Fox, Kevin Luck, John Manha, Paul Marshall, Ashley Nicole, Amber Rose, Rachel Lynn Taylor, Thaddeus Ygnacio | Stars: Susan Alcott-Jardine, Jacob Avilla, Kim Avilla, Emily Barker

Votes: 6

6. The House Across the Lake

Short, Horror | Pre-production

Local teens party around a bonfire while strange events are occurring at the HOUSE across the Lake sparking paranormal and ghostly events leaving you reeling from your seats and screaming in total fear. A Real American Horror Film.

Directors: Jennifer Dawn, Russell Hoffman | Stars: Lisa Wilcox, Buddy Campbell, John Overton, Stormy Overton

7. There Is Someone Bigger Than You (2017)

4 min | Short, Drama

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Inner City Teens Get Caught up in Bullying young church going teens and youth; the bullies seem to be winning...or are they? When Christ is in your life, you know there is definitely Someone Bigger than You.

Directors: Tony Taylor, Melvyn De Rixey | Stars: DeShawn Brown, Monique Campbell, Jaray Hunter, Aquila Lewis

8. Blank Lives Matter

Drama | Announced

A young African American man, Lamar Vincent is shot and killed by Police Officer Sgt. Jeff Williams during a routine traffic stop. Lamar was unarmed. The shooting of Mr. Vincent affects everyone involved, but in drastically different ways.

Stars: Martavius Gayles, Joe Berryman, Jack Covington III, Scott M. Schewe

11. Leap of Faith (I)

Thriller | Announced

A high powered US Intelligence Officer plays God with the lives of a US Operative and a Jewish Syrian spy, Sabeen, who suffers savage brutality and years of rape to save the life of her only son.

Stars: Eric Brenner, Ian C. Glover, Thomas R. Baker, Jonah Vatunigere

12. Don't Ever Tell 2 (2016)


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Venture into the deepest, darkest parts of the mind and see if you can fathom the most insane aspects of violence worldwide and then see what happens next.

Directors: Jennifer Dawn, Kevin Luck | Stars: Chris Victor, Diane Hanna, Janet Hopper, Clarissa Garcia

13. The Sacred Stone

Drama | Announced

Based on the true story of the events that took place at Sacred Stone, North Dakota when the indigenous tribes took on the military/police of the Dakota Pipeline.

Director: Corey M. Jessup

14. Passageway to Hell

Short, Horror | Post-production

A young girl left abandoned in a City of Darkness with strangers, demons, and vampires; surrounded by death the lust for blood and the need to feed - is this a dream that she is destined to... See full summary »

Directors: Jennifer Dawn, Ylian Alfaro Snyder | Stars: John Charles Dickson, Heather Bloom, Tevis R. Marcum, Mike Marino

15. The Other Side of the Rainbow, Slipping Into the Darkness (2016)

Short, Crime

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Young Coleman Hayes lives in a quiet town, keeps to himself, and works hard for a living. He has a dream of having the perfect world and a rainbow all his own. Simple enough really, don't ... See full summary »

Directors: Jennifer Dawn, Kevin Luck | Stars: Lovey Burns, Todd Allen Fischer, Curtis Frost, Adamari Garcia

16. Spend Trust to Make Trust

Drama | Announced

Underappreciated secretary Janet must save the data security company of her micro-manager boss Bill from sabotage by her co-workers, so Bill teaches her how to stand up for herself and tells her if she fails...He'll drag her down with him.

Stars: Eric Brenner, Thomas R. Baker, Scott M. Schewe, Marlon Perrier

17. Meditative Lullabies (2018 Video)

29 min | Short

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Meditative Lullabies are musical meditations for people of any age who enjoy a quiet mental getaway. Escape your daily stress as you take a journey into the soothing and relaxing singing of... See full summary »

Director: Jennifer Dawn | Star: Donovan Rebecca Trent

18. Saving the GPS Lady (2017)

Short, Horror

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Will George Phinneas Starbucks save the GPS lady when he discovers she's a real woman and in grave danger? How does helping her endanger him and his son?

Director: Phill Palmer | Stars: Sean O'Connor, Graham Lauder, Tonci Pivac, Krystle White

19. It's Java Time (2018 TV Movie)

17 min | Fantasy

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Director: Carmine Caradonna | Stars: Carmine Caradonna, Chris Cain, Gora Chand Saha, Tony Taylor

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