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1. Nanking Road

Drama | Announced

China, in January 1932, is on the brink of the Shanghai War arising from the conflict between the Republic of China and the Empire of Japan. The attempted assassination of the Japanese ... See full summary »

Star: Joanna Pickering

2. Mersey Boys


Al Moran, an Irish American professor, takes a position at the Liverpool Art College. He quickly crosses swords over the the beautiful Ginny Browne with a young student by the name of John Lennon.

Stars: Joanna Pickering, Aaron Ronnie Almani, Kevin Kiely Jnr, Ovid Fraser

3. The Rose Garden

Mystery | Pre-production

Jane is a young journalist working for The Eastern Echo, a provincial newspaper. Reporting on the mysterious drowning (in a sewer) of a much-loved professor (of Slavonic Studies), she meets... See full summary »

Star: Joanna Pickering

4. Alien 0

Drama | Announced

A New York Story. Harrowing.

4 titles.

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