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1. Hades (II) (2015)

15 min | Short, Horror, Romance

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A woman is caught in an endless dream where she has to cross the five rivers of Hades - each representing different stages of her relationship.

Director: Kevin Kopacka | Stars: Anna Heidegger, Cris Kotzen, Iman Rezai, David Pechmann

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2. Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes

Mystery | Post-production

A couple spend eternity in a castle until their reality starts to shift, as the unknown moves into their lives.

Director: Kevin Kopacka | Stars: Anna Platen, Jeff Wilbusch, Frederik von Lüttichau, Luisa Taraz

3. HAGER (2019)

Drama, Horror, Mystery | Post-production

After his colleague Schweitzer goes missing during a drug raid, undercover cop Till Hager is tasked with tracking down a mysterious new drug called "Abaddon" - a substance which supposedly drags it's users down the deepest depths of hell.

Director: Kevin Kopacka | Stars: Nura Habib Omer, Frederik von Lüttichau, Jürgen F. Schmid, Cris Kotzen

4. Und der Himmel ist Blau (2010)


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Director: Lukas Dolgner | Stars: Marno Gurschke, Lea Günnewig, Leo Ure

5. DYLAN (2017– )
Episode: Dream of the Living Dead (2017)

Comedy, Horror

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After a fight with her husband Corrado, Morgana's world doesn't seem right anymore. It's as it she's trapped in a fever dream, as death slowly creeps up to her. Can detective Dylan Dawn save her or is she forever trapped in this nightmare?

Director: Kevin Kopacka | Stars: Denise Ankel, Harry Baer, H.K. DeWitt, Ford Everett

Votes: 6

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