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1. Memoirs of a Fighter (2021)

Drama | Pre-production

A tragic accident leads a man to the aid of his closest friend. The war against PTSD, matched with the battles of marriage are obstacles they must face. One will fight in the cage, the other will fight for his daughter.

Director: Nicholas Nathaniel | Stars: Eric Roberts, Tara Reid, Vernon Wells, Weston Cage Coppola

2. Gray Justice (2022)

Action, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A frustrated U.S. attorney, a pretty NCIS officer and a rogue FBI agent secretly team with the La Cosa Nostra to battle the Colombian drug cartels and end the war on drugs pushing the law to its limits. It's all about the money.

3. Putin's Useful Idiot (2021)

Action | Announced

In Colonel Putin's Moscow, 1984, an American businessman finds danger, corruption and romance. Was this mission purposefully designed to fail? Abandoned, who can he trust, the KGB, the CIA? Will he ever get home?

4. Crown Hunt (2021)

Crime, Mystery | Announced

During the Korean War, soldiers unearth the ancient Korean Silla Dynasty crown jewels. Psychopathic killers steal them. Harriett, eccentric detective, and Don, track the killers across Virginia and Korea to recover the treasure.

5. Last Train to Danville (2021)

Mystery | Announced

A Confederate treasure lays buried. Don childhood friend, is murdered, and his fiancée vows to avenge his death. A treasure map begins a journey through Civil War history with many surprises, Harriett masterminds a search for the killer.

6. How Santa Got His Elves (2021)

Family | Announced

A story of how Santa Claus got his elves who spread love, joy, toys and excitement to all the children of the world every Christmas eve. The life of an elf is exciting, full of challenges, making gifts with magic. Do you believe?

7. Koba

Action, Thriller | Announced

An idealistic youth, determined to end the tyranny of a ruthless monarchy, teams up with a band of strong-willed rebels on a journey laden with covert ops, revolution and bloodshed.

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