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1. Kill Them with Kindness (2022)

Short, Comedy

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A disillusioned diner waitress decides to take matters into her own hands with rude customers and deal with them how she's always been told - kill them with kindness.

Director: George Somner | Stars: Rhea Norwood, Rory J. Saper, Rocci Williams, Jack Parr

2. Fifty-Four Days (2022)

Short, Drama | Completed

When tragedy strikes, a spirited young woman turns to wild swimming in search of answers. By swimming each day at dawn and forming an unlikely friendship, she learns to accept her grief and the grief of those around her.

Directors: Phoebe Torrance, Cat White | Stars: Celia Imrie, Juliet Cowan, Cat White, Delroy Brown

3. Kotti

Short, Comedy | Post-production

Inspired by true events, Kotti is a short comedy about a bunch of misfits whose fight for justice captured the hearts of the nation. It is a story of unlikely friendships and the power of community to triumph over prejudice and oppression.

Director: Fabia Martin | Stars: Emma Appleton, Anna Savva

4. Smudged Smile (2021)

Short, Drama

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A joyful teen struggles with depression, trying to keep the happy image that everyone knows and loves.

Director: Ella Greenwood | Stars: Mia McKenna-Bruce, Priya Blackburn, Elliot Levey, Anna Acton

5. Call It a Day (2019– )


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Follow Amy and Eva as they navigate through life with wit, boldness and vulnerability. Shit's about to get weird. And fun. But yeah, mostly weird. So pop the wine, the CBD oil, the lavender... See full summary »

Stars: Rachel Mariam, Oriane Pick, Michael Addo, George Rennie

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6. I Am (I) (2021)

Short, Drama

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Gabi, a young woman suffering from schizophrenia moves in with her boyfriend and starts to unravel as she tries to keep her mental condition a secret. "I AM" hopes to bring a more human, ... See full summary »

Director: Ludovica Musumeci | Stars: Izuka Hoyle, Sally Faulkner, Charlie MacGechan, Oriane Pick

7. Satisfaction Guaranteed (2022)

Short, Musical | Post-production

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Director: David Buchanan | Stars: Amit Shah, Katy Secombe, Agatha Ezzedine, Leo Andrew

8. WoMum (2022)

Short, Drama | Pre-production

As a girl, Sofia was taught she always needed a man in her life. No matter how he treated her. When she is left without one, she tries to redefine herself, finding her purpose in someone she never imagined.

Director: Holly Stevens | Stars: Bronagh Waugh, Ceallach Spellman, Sèverine Howell-Meri

9. All Is Mum

Short, Drama | Pre-production

The pressures of being a working mother are amplified when a planned trip is cancelled due to covid.

Director: Kieran Bourne | Stars: Sasha Frost, Keira Chansa, Mimi Soetan

10. Poles (2021)

Short, Drama

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A lonely young woman struggles to deal with her melancholy despite the efforts of friends and family.

Director: Kieran Bourne | Stars: Sally Faulkner, Oriane Pick, Jennifer Leong

11. Mind the Gap (II)

Drama | Announced

When a young interracial couple are found dead in South London, their communities are pitted against each other in a war of blame and mistrust, and two old friends face an uneasy reunion, whilst confronting their own prejudices.

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