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1. Blink (II) (2019)

4 min | Short, Drama, Music

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Two best friends enjoy their time together. But, when their interests diverge, they will grow apart and wish for a better outcome to their friendship.

Director: Carlo Tonda | Stars: Czarina Barrios, Camila Cales, Rocío de la Grana, John Fadule

2. Cravings (I) (2021)

Short, Horror

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Pregnant Laura Harris' life comes crashing down to a violent crescendo when she discovers her husband's infidelity.

Director: Nirupam Dhakal | Stars: Kyla Dyan, Alex Pike, Cate Schilling, Misty Kang

3. To Matter

Drama | Post-production

Michelle is following her dream of working in entertainment, but things don't seem to be working out with her boyfriend of six years. On the day Michelle realizes she wants to call it quits, she finds out she's pregnant.

Director: John Bombay Gutierrez | Stars: Michelle Vogel, John Fadule, Felipe Martinez, DeVaughn Hooper

4. Poplar Bluff

Thriller | Pre-production

A stranger arrives in a small town to locate the gravesite of his long-forgotten Aunt, who died under mysterious circumstances some fifty years earlier, only to discover a horrifying truth about his family...and himself.

Director: Michael Peter Bolus | Star: Sandy Martin

5. Red Flamingos

Drama | Post-production

When two childhood friends who've spent years apart on different paths reconnect in their hometown, their mutual love for music leads them on a journey to discover meaning in their lives

Director: John Bombay Gutierrez | Stars: Landon Moss, Juliette Lin, Rocío de la Grana, Alejandro Eustaquio

6. Cold Turkey

Short, Drama | Completed

An alcoholic struggles with his sobriety when faced with why he started drinking in the first place.

Director: Scott Crawford | Stars: Joey Jupiter-Levin, Landon Moss, Patricia Burgos, Brandon Logan Enigma

7. The Last Tiger

Action | Pre-production

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Director: Michael Peter Bolus

8. Showrunner (2021)

5 min | Short, Thriller

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A delirious writer thinks he's part of a sitcom and gradually loses his mind trying to prove it to his roommate.

Director: Nicolas Danoviz | Stars: Trevor Van Uden, Baxter Gaston

9. All the Difference (I) (2021)


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Director: John Bombay Gutierrez | Stars: John Fadule, Brady Fritz, Misty Kang, Michelle Vogel

10. Double Back, JMIsJustMe (2021 Video)

Short, Music

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Director: Max Woods | Star: Micah Johnson

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