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1. A Night A Day (2019)

76 min

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Daytime. A pair of lovers enter a house deserted by a flood. She has run away from home. He is not in a condition to start a life with her. The wind blows heavy in the fields of long grass.

Director: Prathap Joseph | Stars: Yamuna Chungappalli, Mari, Lennon Gopin, Najil Hameed

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2. Madan Veri

Documentary, Short | Filming

Sounding the death knell of a tribal dirge.

Director: Somnath Mondal

3. Through the lenses of the sacred trio

Documentary | Pre-production

A comparative study by film critics Siladitya Sen and Christopher Dalton on the cinema of Ritwik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen, with special focus on Madabhi Mukherjii, the only actress who starred in the films of all three legends.

Director: Christopher Dalton

4. Dukhu Majhi (2022)

28 min | Short, Biography

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Armed daily with two canisters of water, sacks, shovels, burnt wood and saplings, all mounted on a bicycle, a poor, completely-illiterate old villager spends his years planting trees on the roadsides and taking care for them.

Director: Somnath Mondal | Star: Dukhu Majhi

5. Cine Veda

Documentary, Short | Post-production

Everyone has a fundamental right to be taught the grammar of cinema.

Director: Christopher Dalton

6. The legacy of Khemchand Prakash

Documentary, Biography | Pre-production

Remembering the almost-forgotten music pioneer.

Director: Christopher Dalton

7. Forest Berry John

Comedy | Pre-production

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Director: Christopher Dalton

8. Devi (III)

Family, Romance | Announced

An orphan child, angry and violent, torn and traumatized, pursues a love that appears not destined for her. But nothing can stop her dreams. In her unbreakable faith in the power of righteousness over destruction, she finds liberation.

Director: Christopher Dalton

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