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1. Space Samurai: Oasis

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

Within Oasis, one woman with a secret gene becomes Earth's last chance in a global fight for control of a catastrophic weapon - but she's no match for a madman.

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Monte Markham, Nikki SooHoo, Veronika Dash, John Patrick Jordan

2. The Club (IV)

Drama | Pre-production

An arrogant and selfish investigative reporter goes deep undercover to crack open the crimes of the deadliest motorcycle club in the world. For them, there is no favor to lethal - and no ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Maine

3. Enemy Breach

Action, War | Announced

Childhood friends now in rival gangs end up as secret plants in the same Army squad and must decide to whom they owe their allegiance.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

4. Skin Crawlers

Thriller | Announced

A virus hacks into the human cell algorithm at the sub-cellular level and throws humanity into chaos.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

5. Untitled Sandoval Hero Project

Drama, History | Pre-production

A story of faith and triumph.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

6. Beverly Hills Illegal

Action, Comedy | Announced

A Beverly Hills teen who doesn't speak Spanish must hide his wild granny, after she illegally hops the US-Mexico border and is pursued by ICE.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

7. Untitled Alabama Project

Drama | Pre-production

Protecting at all cost can cost you everything - from gutter to glory, a story of grit and grace.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

8. Blood Whispers

Thriller | Announced

A young artist unknowingly embarks on a journey into the sinister unknown and discovers that family secrets can kill.

9. Presidential Switch

Comedy | Announced

An illegal immigrant accidentally swaps bodies with the U.S. President on the eve of major war.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

10. Untitled Stars Project

Drama, History | Announced

Being superstars still can't get you respect.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

11. Ice Cream Kings

Comedy, Romance | Announced

Two ice cream vendors war for territory, while their teens betray them by falling in love behind their backs.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

12. Sea Swimmer

Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

An aquatic athlete falls overboard unconscious during a boat crash and awakes to a mysterious underwater world.

Director: Lisa Marie Sandoval

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