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1. El Viejo

Horror, Thriller | Announced

Two brothers can no longer afford to keep their father in an institution, they take him to their old family home to settled back in. But old habits die hard, and the former torturer can't help but act according to his nature.

Director: Sebastián De Caro

2. Santos Remedios

Drama, Fantasy, Horror | Announced

After idolizing a father she can't remember, and realizing their so promised reencounter is not happening, Amapola seals a puzzling obscure deal with a mysterious saint, only to find out later the price she has to pay.

Director: Sofia Garza-Barba

3. Horrock & Roll

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror | Announced

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4. Crono-Cápsulas

Sci-Fi, Thriller | Announced

A young psychology student uses an experimental medication to confront past traumas in her love life by traveling back through time.

Director: Miguel Alejandro Gomez

5. Dollhouse

Horror | Announced

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