With Iron Gate Productions (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

1. Space Samurai: Oasis

Sci-Fi | Filming

Within Oasis, one woman becomes Earth's last chance in a global fight for control of a catastrophic weapon.

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Monte Markham, Veronika Dash, Nikki SooHoo, Sara Frankino

2. Hole in One: 2

Comedy | Pre-production

Eric's at it again, and Eric still has his problems. Mandy will give Eric one more chance. Mark will do his best to help his new friend/client. And, nothing will ever be the same.

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Sara Frankino, Jason Rogers, Scott Benefiel, Stephanie June

3. Mark Maine Carson Project

Sci-Fi | Announced

Could be based on Edger Rice Burroughs series of books, Carson Napier of Venus, similar to John Carter of Mars.

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Monte Markham, Sara Frankino, Jason Rogers

4. The Club (IV)

Drama | Pre-production

A reporter joins an outlaw motorcycle club and his purpose is shaken. He values this brotherhood but his elaborate deception unravels. Arrogance leads him to a climatic confrontation that may cost him his life for his new biker family.

Director: Mark Maine

5. Mark Maine John Carson Project

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

John Carson is a worldly man of means. Living in India on his inheritance, he studies Sanskrit searching for the meaning of life and how to Delight the Gods. Carson meets Devarati, a most ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Monte Markham, Sara Frankino, Jason Rogers

6. The Recipe

Drama | Pre-production

With less than a week until his deadline, an author must cut down over 700 recipes gathered from around the world to only 105 allowed by his publisher. He decides to resolve his dilemma by ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Maine

7. Mark Maine Switzerland Project

Action | Announced

One Man's Pilgrimage is another Man's Nightmare.

Director: Mark Maine

8. Untitled Ireland Project (I)

Drama | Announced

A man with a mission that stems from a life journey.

Director: Mark Maine

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