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1. Self (2020)

14 min | Short, Drama

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The movie follows Fernando, a 16-year-old teenager from the conservative countryside of Sao Paulo as he decides to meet up with an online hook up after being mercilessly teased by his ... See full summary »

Director: Rafael Thomaseto | Stars: Jota Barletta, Theodoro Cochrane, Giovanni de Lorenzi, Isabela Dragão

Votes: 8

2. Huella (2022)

15 min | Short, Thriller

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When her grandmother's death unleashes a generational curse, a disenchanted flamenco dancer resigned to a desk job is forced to experience the five stages of grief through a visit from her ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriela Ortega | Stars: Shakira Barrera, Denise Blasor, Carla Valentine, Gabriela Bonet

Votes: 18

3. Butch Pal for the Straight Gal (2019– )


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In a world where societal pressures often force women to act, dress and conform to unrealistic feminine stereotypes, five queer women, each with their own specialty, help straight women ... See full summary »

Stars: Dot-Marie Jones, Ryan W. Garcia, Mandahla Rose, Mav Viola

4. Decrescendo (2020)

11 min | Short, Drama

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Young Benjamin, an avid music lover, reluctantly arrives to his estranged family's mansion for an imposed lunch. As the tense get-together moves forward, he progressively and inexplicably begins to lose his hearing.

Director: Olivia Chiesi | Stars: Drew Schrum, Lori Dorfman, John Minch, Terri Parks

Votes: 129


10 min | Short, Comedy, Drama | Post-production

THANKS FOR COMING IN is an autobiographical quirky comedy about male body-dysmorphia and the casual brutalities of the casting process.

Director: Marco Gentile | Stars: Alex Shaffer, Todd Harrison, Kelly Hancock, Daniel Olson

6. Morenita

Documentary, Drama | Post-production

MORENITA is a genre-mixing visual poetry experience that digs into the bridges and barriers of language, womanhood and ancestral curses through the intersecting journeys of two Latina immigrants in Los Angeles.

Directors: Gabriela Ortega, Diana Valencia | Stars: Gabriela Ortega, Diana Valencia

7. Sitka

Drama | Announced

Set in the remote land of Sitka, Alaska, residents, and foreigners, of different backgrounds and histories, lives have brought them here as they attempt to move on from their pasts and find healing.

8. Vienna Palace

Drama | Announced

The film combines three acclaimed plays of the Brazilian theater: Razor in the Flesh, Lilac Lamp and Two Lost Souls in a Dirty Night. Focused on exploring political and social issues, while... See full summary »

Directors: Amadeo Canônico, Nicole Fischer

9. Walter (IV) (2018)

Short, Sci-Fi

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In a dystopian world, a chubby man tries to hide a secret from the police, and his love interest, while they visit a beach where only the physically fit are allowed.

Director: Helena Sardinha | Stars: Konstantin Podprugin, Kassie Johnston, Ashley Law, London Worthy

10. A Spring Doesn't Make a Summer

Romance | Announced

In the spring of 2002, American-Italian journalist Henry travels to Beirut on a short work assignment where he meets the charming French vagabond Carlo. Together they embark on a journey that will forever change Henry.

Director: Rafael Thomaseto | Star: Elio Mardini

11. Wake Up (I) (2019)

Short, Drama

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After ending an abusive relationship, Nina continues to struggle to get her control back when, in a Lucid Dream, she confronts her Ex and what is keeping her to move on: her own mind.

Director: Olivia Chiesi | Stars: Leyla Babaeva, Al Rahn, Tyler Riggin, Philip Simmons

12. A Girl Named Arthur

Musical, Romance | Announced

In 1962, Arthur struggles to conform to the ideals of the perfect woman. While working at a dress shop, she falls for Liza-Jane who introduces her to a world bursting with colors and sexual fluidity.

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