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1. Nefertiti (TV Movie)

Drama | Pre-production

Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Nefertiti ascended to power in a time of religious and cultural upheaval. Equally mystical, beautiful, and powerful warrior, this historical drama reveals the life and times of history's most mysterious ruler.

2. K-9 Block (TV Movie)

30 min | Animation | Pre-production

Animals tell their stories inside one of the toughest humane societies in California. The gritty underworld of displaced pets, the life inside will finally be told from their point of view and the humans they lived with.

3. Arik

Thriller | Pre-production

When a socially awkward young woman's friend from the past shows up following a string of murders, She finds both of their truths are buried together several layers deep intertwined in her past.

4. The Blerd Dimension

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

When a group socially awkward friends are force to secretly replace heroes with supernatural powers in a parallel dimension, they must step up to take on new threats, to protect both realities.

5. Cast Inc.

Drama | Pre-production

After receiving the bad news about prime time ratings on the decline, an Elite Hollywood Producer and her wryly staff members must embrace change in a new, younger Hollywood with Reality TV... See full summary »

6. Boots to Heels: Life After Duty

Documentary | Pre-production

This documentary film takes a deep dive into the lives of former United States Marine Corp women and reveals the difficulties and challenges they face in their day to day lives outside the ... See full summary »

7. Ruffnecks: Rise of the New Mafia (TV Movie)

Crime, Drama | Pre-production

After the death of his parents by a traitor among the crime families, He will rise and lead his crew of sadistic psychopaths in a war against a city of corrupt law enforcement and the underground crime world.

8. Darkives

Horror | Pre-production

The Darkives museum is home to haunted and supernatural artifacts from urban legends to your favorite childhood stories through out the dawn of time. The curator awaits to tell you all about them..just don't touch anything.

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