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1. Camisado

Action, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

After the murder of her wife and child, a wounded mother confronts her own mortality while befriending a former foe in her quest to bring down a corrupt global enterprise.

Stars: Janae Palmer, Rose Ftz, Brandon deSpain, Jeff Briggs

2. Inimicus (2023)

20 min | Short, Drama, War | Pre-production

After struggling with PTSD for years, former soldier Clyde Duncan nearly succumbs to the battle within when a simple argument with his wife Jackie escalates into a brutal, life-threatening situation.

Director: Thomas Gidlow | Star: Jeff Briggs

3. Camisado (2022)

Action, Drama | Completed

After the brutal murder of her wife and child, Emily Kent must decide if fighting for vengeance is worth dying for after being swept up in a seedy criminal enterprise.

Stars: Janae Palmer, Rose Ftz, Brandon deSpain, Jeff Briggs

4. Indigo Rogue

Action, Drama | Announced

A troubled woman befriended by an eccentric billionaire is spared from Earth's near-total destruction. Her monumental task: inspire and lead those that remain to achieve humanity's fullest potential despite their dwindling faith.

5. Indigo Rogue
Episode: Pilot

Action, Drama

Vita meets an eccentric billionaire who exposes her to an unlikely future.

6. Camisado
Episode: Omega (Pilot)

Action, Drama, Thriller | Announced

While the pitfalls of managing life, work, and raising a child keep Emily and Avery Kent at odds, the owner of a worldwide logistics company begins to weave a tangled web culminating in a dangerous showdown at the Kent residence.

Stars: Donna Glaesener, Janae Palmer, Sofia Grace Clifton, Brandon deSpain

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