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1. Ladies of Laurel Canyon

History | Announced

Four women reunite after 45 years, all lightning rods of the sixties LA music scene. Looking back they find that their lives are still inextricably linked. A heart-worn account of success, ... See full summary »

2. Dink (I)

Sport | Announced

Max Campbell's life is disrupted when his dream job as a tennis instructor is threatened by the uprising of pickleball. He refuses to accept the winds of change in the sports world. Max needs to grow and pickleball is the best fertilizer.

3. The Lives of Lorna Moon

Biography | Announced

The life and untimely death of controversial mercurial screenwriter Lorna Moon, a journey through the Canadian backwoods to Hollywood in it's hedonistic golden era.

4. Red Ruby Ray

Drama | Announced

Americas most revered female investigative journalist, the killer of the presidents assassin and a fading pop idol tangled up in a dark government conspiracy. A true, twisted untold tale. "... See full summary »

5. Our Mary in Havana

Biography | Pre-production

Mary McCarthy fell in love with the people of Cuba. Hers is a story that bears witness to the complicated history of a country and the unchanging spirit of a dedicated soul who failed in ... See full summary »

6. She Loved Baseball: The Effa Manley Story

History | Announced

Men underestimated her. Women felt intimidated. Yet, as this story on her life shows, Effa Manley - a female maverick in the world of Negro League Baseball - took her vision far beyond the baseball stadium.

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