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1. Embraced by the Light

Drama | Announced

A mother of six dies during surgery and embarks on an incredible journey of enlightenment only to return to life with the knowledge of things never known or seen before.

2. Lucky Paul Smith

Comedy | Announced

Paul Smith, the world's luckiest unlucky guy to ever step foot onto a bocce court, finds that love comes at a price, which might be his life when he plays for the mafia.

Director: Rodney Rinks | Stars: Noel Gugliemi, Jesse Borrego, Anthony L. Fernandez, Sonia Balcazar

3. 7 on 10

Drama | Announced

A former basketball star is sentenced to seven years after committing vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. In order to survive prison she has to stay sober and rediscover her place on the basketball court.

Director: Samantha Lavin

4. Matteo

Action | Announced

Used as a cheap labor force by the government and corrupt businesses, an oppressed Latino slum rises, led by Matteo, an unwitting hero granted supernatural powers by the spirit world to protect the now thriving community, Calle Veintiuno.

5. Omaha Street (II)

Drama | Announced

After causing the death of a prominent black family's son, a white teenage boy struggling through foster care is given a chance to avoid prison by living with the victim's family.

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