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1. The Storefront (2019)

Short, Drama | Post-production

After the death of his wife, Malcom is navigating the waves of fatherhood. Trying to make ends meet it seems impossible when it seems like the world Conspires against you, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

Director: Enock Dorestan | Stars: Justine Renee, Maurice T Johnson, Danielle Stratton, Rasheda Isaac

2. Spilled Paint

20 min | Short, Comedy | Completed

Patrick is a painter who must use his talent to try to save himself from a gangster and set his life straight.

Director: Enock Dorestan | Stars: Darin Ferraro, Justine Renee, Maurice T Johnson, Freddie Jarrett

3. The Big Robbery

Short, Comedy | Post-production

A man on a mission to rob a cellphone store clean of its cash finds himself with the total opposite thanks to a clever and highly skilled saleswoman.

Director: Enock Dorestan | Stars: Freddie Jarrett, Jesaia Jordan

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