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1. Adventures with Inspector Hiccups (2022 TV Movie)

Animation | Filming

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Stars: Gail Porter, Si Baker

2. Snorerus & Hiccups (2022– )

Animation | Filming

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3. Lar Lar Land: Meeting Completely Lar Lar

Fantasy | Pre-production

Lar Lar Land is where imagination is created, where it comes from, where it comes alive, and where it's stored. A boy named Arthur falls into Lar Lar Land from his new home and meets a man ... See full summary »

Director: Si Baker | Stars: Jack O'Halloran, Gail Porter, Wu-Tang Clan, James Kellogg

4. Emerald Cove - The Tale of Dougie Woodbridge

Thriller | Pre-production

Emerald Cove is about a father and daughter (Ariel and Dougie) who move to a new town. Dougie is a detective, and on his first day at work a body is found and another tragedy hits closer to home. Both are hugely peculiar.

Stars: Gail Porter, Wu-Tang Clan, James Kellogg, Danielle Lloyd

5. Pharma Space Bong

Animation | Pre-production

Pharma Space Bong is a spaceship pharmacy going around the universe collecting and selling drugs. Make it your next pit stop.

6. Lar Lar Land - The Veg Croc (2021)

Animation, Short

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Director: Si Baker | Stars: Gail Porter, Pat Sharp

7. The Completely Lar Lar Academy of Imagination

Fantasy | Announced

The Completely Lar Lar Academy for Imagination is probably one of the most special places of all, but most of all it's Completely Lar Lar.

8. Baker the Backpacker

Comedy | Filming

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Star: Si Baker

9. McSquirrelness Adventures

Animation | Announced

Two baby squirrels were found in a plant pot, now they're off to help solve a mystery or two.

10. The Whodoo-Maflips

Fantasy | Pre-production

At the end of every rainbow, there's a pot of gold, yet before there is a special place right above the gold. And this is where the Whodoo-Maflips live.

12. Santa gets all the credit

Comedy | Announced

Wouldn't it be strange if Santa Claus was actually getting credit for something he only did once or twice? Ever. While the whole time it was someone else who had been slogging around the world each year putting presents under the tree.

13. Lar Lar Land 2

Fantasy | Announced

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14. Tramptastic

Musical | Announced

A brother and sister are left to live with their aunt, but they would rather live on the streets, it's time to be tramptastic.

15. The Plonkersaurus Norus

Fantasy | Announced

One of the biggest problems facing the Plonkersaurus Norus is, that with each step forward that they take, they get bigger in height. And with each step backwards, they get smaller. This ... See full summary »

16. Someone has kidnapped Santa Claus's Elves!

Fantasy | Announced

Santa was always the target for people in the past, nobody thought someone would stoop so low as to kidnap his elves and stop Christmas that way.

17. Bugabooville

Animation | Announced

Bugabooville is home to some of the craziest bugs and some of the craziest escapades.

18. I remember everything - Alfie Moonshine

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

A lady gets a note asking if she would like to know the meaning of life.

19. A Drop for a Flummickin Lumux

Adventure | Pre-production

Every year there's a competition that any Lumux can enter, it's open for twenty-four hours, and it's to catch the biggest raindrop in the world.

20. Completely Lar Lar 2 - A new adventure (2020 Video Game)


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