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1. Wild Knights

Action, Adventure, Drama | Announced

A war hero returns home and recruits a band of unique characters to form a heroes guild. The heroes are quickly put to the test as their presence sheds light on a dormant evil that threatens the crown, the kingdom, and the entire realm.

2. Mr. Miss Peacock

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A headliner Drag Queen, with the help of his daughter, embarks on a journey of healing and self-acceptance after falling victim to a violent hate crime.

3. Panda and Bear

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A young woman struggles to differentiate between love and dependence as she finds reprieve from her PTSD, depression, and anxiety in an unanticipated relationship.

4. Lightning Lager: A Story of Unnecessary Atonement

Comedy | Announced

A Recently retired world champion, desperately trying to adjust to "Normal" life, must face his deepest fears as he is swept back into the world of competitive drinking by the arrival of a former nemesis.

Star: William Kenny

5. Little Blackbird

Drama | Announced

When a young Native American boy is ripped from his home by a questionable system of government, an unlikely mentor guides him on the difficult journey to rediscover his heritage and become... See full summary »

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