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1. Watch the Sunset (2017)

82 min | Action, Crime, Drama

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In a single afternoon a man comes to grips with the power of his past when his estranged family becomes tangled in its web.

Directors: Tristan Barr, Michael Gosden | Stars: Tristan Barr, Chelsea Renee Zeller, Aaron Walton, Michael Gosden

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2. Head Above Water (2018)

54 min | Comedy

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A fictional documentary following the craziest rivalry in Australian surfing history.

Director: Connor Fairclough | Stars: Elliot Loney, Neel Kolhatkar, Christopher Stollery, Ben Fordham

Votes: 33

4. Emergence (VI)

Horror | Announced

An excited soon-to-be mother admits herself to a maternal hospital trial only to discover that all the female patients have in fact been implanted with murderous creatures that will soon emerge to feed.

5. Subject (I) (2020)

Horror, Sci-Fi | Filming

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Director: Tristan Barr | Stars: Tristan Barr, Stephen Phillips, Matthew Connell, Cecilia Low

6. Don't open the Door

Horror, Thriller | Announced

When a group of narcissistic youths terrorizes a young couple on their remote weekend getaway, the couple must find the fighter within and find a point of weakness within a seemingly apathetic gang.

7. Toots

Biography, Comedy, Drama | Announced

It's 1971 Toots is the roughest, toughest and bluntest women in North Queensland, Australia with dreams of owning her own trucking business. Slight problem, no one will let her drive.

8. Isolation (VII)

Horror | Announced

An emotionally damaged pilot crashes a plane on a remote island. As he seeks salvation he is seemingly haunted by a young mysterious woman who has survived without human contact for the last 20 years.

Director: Tristan Barr

9. Golden Paradise (2019–2020)

Thriller | Announced

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A maverick hacker disguised as a nun clings on from falling back into her old ways when trying to break free from a lifestyle of drug dealing and sexual acts that keeps her locked into a golden paradise.

10. Evo (II)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

A loner man and telepathic women rally together in a post-apocalyptic world searching for a new beginning as a sophisticated alien race disguised as human clones exterminate evolutionary existence.

Director: Tristan Barr

11. Erica's Return

Short, Thriller | Post-production

8 years after their daughter disappears, a married couple live in turmoil until they discover a wounded girl on their farm.

Stars: Francis McMahon, Rachel Forsyth, De-Anna Edmondson

12. Risk

Crime, Family, Thriller | Announced

A determined teenager enters an online game to save her best friend from the cyber predator who has lured her away. As she races against time, she is forced into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game that will change her life forever.

13. Wreck (II)


When a first-year Journalism student finds evidence of a crime committed by a media mogul family she is driven into a world of misused wealth and power. After being kidnapped her fight for justice becomes a fight for her own survival.

14. Bad Dog

Comedy, Horror, Thriller | Announced

After experiencing a week from hell in which he loses both his job and his girlfriend, and is diagnosed with cancer, David 'Lucky' Hudson's life takes yet another interesting turn when the ... See full summary »

15. Wildflower (I)

Drama | Announced

Recently orphaned Korean migrant Ho-jin Son forms relationship with a disgruntled Australian Korean-vet farmer whilst facing the adverse history of an isolated community, ignorant gang, and his own personal demons.

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