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1. Capricorn

Horror, Thriller | Pre-production

When Ruby investigates the horrifying paranormal deaths at the Tekton Manor, she finds herself in a psychological labyrinth that takes her back to her cryptic, grotesque past.

Director: Aadhitya Bahudhanam | Stars: E.R. Ruiz, Andreas Vougioukas

2. Diamond in the dirt

History, Horror | Pre-production

In the year 1832, Wesleyan Methodist Missionary, Dr. John Williams, and his slave, Ana, travel to an isolated, war-torn tribal village under the control of tyrannic colonizers, ignorant of the horrors that await them.

Director: Aadhitya Bahudhanam | Star: Atandwa Kani

3. Patent

122 min | Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

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Director: Aadhitya Bahudhanam

4. Touch Me Not (2020)


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Director: Aadhitya Bahudhanam | Stars: Keerthi Ayeshwarya, Aadhitya Bahudhanam

5. Phantasma - Battle of Minds

Fantasy | Announced

Set in the 1490s, William Frost, a magician, struggles to fathom a trick called Phantasma.

Director: Aadhitya Bahudhanam

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