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1. Look Both Ways (2022)

TV-14 | 110 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

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49 Metascore

On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie's life diverges into parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and remains in her hometown to raise her child and another in which she moves to LA to pursue her dream career.

Director: Wanuri Kahiu | Stars: Lili Reinhart, Danny Ramirez, Aisha Dee, Jaden Tolliver

Votes: 14,867

2. Spiderhead (2022)

R | 106 min | Action, Crime, Drama

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54 Metascore

In the near future, convicts are offered the chance to volunteer as medical subjects to shorten their sentence. One such subject for a new drug capable of generating feelings of love begins questioning the reality of his emotions.

Director: Joseph Kosinski | Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, Jurnee Smollett, Mark Paguio

Votes: 52,530

3. Kate (I) (2021)

R | 106 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

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47 Metascore

A jaded assassin assigned to target a yakuza clan has 24 hours to find out who poisoned her and get vengeance before she dies.

Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan | Stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Woody Harrelson, Miku Patricia Martineau, Tadanobu Asano

Votes: 61,146

4. Dollface (2019–2022)

TV-MA | 29 min | Comedy

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After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, a woman tries to reconnect with the friends she lost during the relationship.

Stars: Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, Esther Povitsky

Votes: 9,576

5. Project Power (2020)

R | 113 min | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

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51 Metascore

When a pill that gives its users unpredictable superpowers for five minutes hits the streets of New Orleans, a teenage dealer and a local cop must team with an ex-soldier to take down the group responsible for its creation.

Directors: Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman | Stars: Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, Rodrigo Santoro

Votes: 88,224

6. Along for the Ride (2022)

TV-14 | 106 min | Drama, Romance

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55 Metascore

The summer before college Auden meets the mysterious Eli, a fellow insomniac. While the seaside town of Colby sleeps, the two embark on a nightly quest to help Auden experience the fun, carefree teen life she never knew she wanted.

Director: Sofia Alvarez | Stars: Emma Pasarow, Belmont Cameli, Laura Kariuki, Kate Bosworth

Votes: 6,419

7. The Upper World

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Pre-production

Esso is caught in a deadly feud and on the verge of expulsion when he realizes he has an unexpected gift: access to a world where he can see glimpses of the past and the future.

Star: Daniel Kaluuya

8. Bright 2

TV-MA | Action, Adventure, Crime | Announced

Plot unknown. Sequel to the 2017 film 'Bright.'

9. 90 Church

Crime, Drama, History | Pre-production

The true story of a rookie agent in the corrupt Federal Narcotics Bureau, using ruthless tactics to fight the war on drugs in 1960's NYC.

10. This Lullaby

Drama | Announced

She's got it all figured out. Or does she? When it comes to relationships, Remy's got a whole set of rules. Never get too serious. Never let him break your heart. And never, ever date a ... See full summary »

11. Once and for All

Drama, Romance | Announced

After years facing brides with cold feet and badly behaved wedding guests, wedding planner Louna has become skeptical about romance and plans on remaining single during her last summer ... See full summary »

12. Water Margin

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

A group of outlaws come together to resist an oppressive government.

Director: Shinsuke Sato

13. Three Musketeers

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

A modern adaptation of Dumas' Three Musketeers.

14. Bad Dad (III)

Comedy | Announced

Follows a boy named Frank whose dad is thrown into prison following driving the getaway car in a bank robbery. Frank then hatches a daring plan to break his father out of prison for the ... See full summary »

15. Blue Thunder (II)

Action, Biography, Crime | Announced

While serving life in prison, Randy Lanier reconnects with his estranged daughter while recounting to her his glory days as a race car driving champion and the marijuana-smuggling criminal enterprise he created that put him away.

16. Mimi From Rio

Adventure | Announced

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