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1. Charade (I)

Comedy, Mystery, Romance | Announced

Re-make of the Stanley Donen, comedy, romance, mystery. A woman is pursued in Paris by several men who want a fortune her murdered husband had stolen. Who can she trust? The thrill of the chase is on in this taut mystery.

2. Faded (2022)

Mystery, Thriller | Announced

A late night radio host, becomes the target of a stalker who slowly gets under his skin, effecting his mind as he starts to question reality around him, in this dark psychological thriller.

Star: Matt E Hudson

3. Franklin Street (2024)

Thriller | Announced

Released after serving a 25 year prison sentence, a murderer sets to prove his innocence when he becomes the prime suspect as people start dying in the trendy Tribeca district of New York.

4. NY·LON (2021)

Action, Drama, Thriller | Pre-production

An abandoned American agent is reactivated to take care of a loose end; an international terrorist operating inside the spy community, but with no one to trust he must turn to the British spy he was working against.

Director: Matt E Hudson | Star: Matt E Hudson

5. And Now for A Word (2021– )

Comedy, Drama | Pre-production

Political mockumentary, that revolves around the office of a newly appointed prime minister, as they try to get to grips with decades of corruption that has divided the country.

Star: Matt E Hudson

6. 2 Minutes to midnight (2020)

3 min | Short, Thriller

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Two opposing spies meet on New Years eve for a drop, but in an awkward and tense moment they find themselves on the countdown to midnight.

Director: Matt E Hudson | Stars: Matt E Hudson, Bryony Tebbutt

Votes: 8

7. Countdown (2022)

Thriller | Announced

After a failed assassination attempt, Fisher and Locke are assigned to find the perpetrators before they can strike again and instigate a coup, that could start a war, but all is not what it seems as other powers work against them to fail.

Star: Matt E Hudson

8. Small World (II) (2012)

10 min | Short, Romance

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In 'Small World' a bride to be and a former flame share a London cab, in this quirky comedy short about second chances in the most obscure situations, and what if, as we share their thoughts.

Director: Matt E Hudson | Stars: Phillipa Flynn, Matt E Hudson

Votes: 13

9. Zero Options (2023)

Thriller | Announced

When everything goes wrong on the trail of a terrorist group, Fisher and Locke find themselves hunted as prime suspects; cut off and alone, they have only their wits to stay ahead of their pursuers and prevent another disaster.

Star: Matt E Hudson

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