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1. Class Act (I) (2019– )


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Stars: Jake Hunter, Rachele Brooke Smith, Ben McDonnell, Nikki SooHoo

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2. Mercury Retrograde

Action | Announced

A group of fighters enter an underground competition held deep in the woods by an elitist secret society that has far darker plans for them then could have imagined: they must WIN or DIE.

Director: Nino Aldi

3. What's to Come (2019 TV Movie)


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After a tragedy, a college student finds herself trying to manage college, her independence and the dangerous forces standing against everything she and her friends stand for.

Director: Stefanie Abel Horowitz | Stars: Jason Stuart, Chris Mullinax, Jake Hunter, Nicole Alyse Nelson

4. The Brothers (2020)

TV-14 | Short, Drama

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Two brothers fight to stay close after the tragic death of their mother.

Director: Jamison M. LoCascio | Stars: Ronnel Ricardo Parham, Gemma McIlhenny, Andrew Gardner

5. Odd Man Out: The Series (2017– )


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A man struggles to find acceptance in his life. Created by Ronnel Ricardo Parham.

Stars: Ronnel Ricardo Parham, Jonathan Page, Astrid Castillo, Melody Peng

6. Face Off (2017)

14 min | Short, Drama

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Two young competitors battle to overcome insurmountable obstacles and end up going head to head in a fight that changes their lives forever.

Director: Nino Aldi | Stars: Lauren Francesca, Brando Eaton, Brielle Barbusca, James Preston Rogers

7. Between Us (III)

Short, Drama | Announced

There's an epidemic happening in this country. The epidemic of inappropriate relationships between teachers and students. This is a story about a young high school boy who's raped by one of his teachers.

8. Us Against Them (2021)

Short, Drama | Completed

An African-American cop realizes he may be fighting for the wrong side, and not fighting enough for his people.

Director: Ronnel Ricardo Parham | Stars: Trev Parham, Ronnel Ricardo Parham, Troy T. Parham, Andrew Gardner

9. The Other Side

Comedy | Announced

Two girls, from the other side of the block, develop an unlikely friendship in a period of uncertainty in both of their lives.

10. Kode Blue

Drama | Announced

Three African American men make a pact to join and infiltrate their local police department with the intentions of exposing a corrupt criminal justice system.

11. I'm Human Too

Drama | Announced

An autistic man experiences love, pain and triumph as he navigates early adulthood and finds his independence.

Director: Ronnel Ricardo Parham

12. The Last Time

Drama | Announced

Do we ever know when it's the last time we'll talk to someone or see someone? This series will detail the moments with people that we may take for granted, never to know that those moments will be your last time with them.

13. Mixed Signals (TV Movie)

Mystery | Announced

Barry's father unexpectedly passes away. He then believes he hears his dad talking to him, trying to tell him something. A friend suggests he sees a psychic. The psychic tells Barry the ... See full summary »

Star: Ronnel Ricardo Parham

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