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1. Dear Dad, I Hate You

Comedy | Announced

An angst-ridden teen finds herself in the throws of her estranged musician dad and his traveling hillbilly band.

Director: Sean McNamara

2. The Fisherman (V)

Drama, Thriller | Announced

A mercenary seeks redemption in his war torn African home by saving two child soldiers who question his motives.

3. Truth Cannon

Comedy | Announced

An ad exec with months to live, fulfills her wish list, while concealing her diagnosis, and kicking-ass.

4. The Story Maker

Comedy, Drama | Announced

A twelve year old boy questions the ways of his unconventional grandfather.

Director: Sean McNamara

5. Untitled Trilogy

Fantasy | Announced

Plot kept under wraps.

6. The Untitled Movie

Comedy | Announced

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7. History of Water

Drama | Announced

Dr. Eve MacDonald checks herself into a Swiss sanatorium to determine if water has destroyed her emotional life.

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