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1. Coercive

History | Announced

A young girl disappears while camping, her parents and their friends must confront terrifying forces to get her back.

Director: Charles Black

2. Love Yourself (I)

Documentary | Filming

This remarkable story about Ethan, a 13 year old boy who was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome.

Director: Charles Black

3. Life After a Disaster: Puerto Rico

35 min | Short | Announced

Four months after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico, millions of Americans were still without power or water. Little had been done to help families who... See full summary »

Director: Charles Black | Stars: Tristen Lang, Dennis Cory Wright II, Charles Black, Bob Amis

4. Weekender (II) (2019)

Short, Thriller | Pre-production

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While contemplating his marriage during a camping trip a lone camper must survive the evil of a masked killer.

Director: Charles Black

5. Skadi

Short | Announced

Today, mankind is lost in a world full of violence, destruction, and chaos. They have become disconnected from their ancestral roots while being enslaved by globalism. Humanity has fallen ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Black | Stars: Miss Odango, Gianluca Zanna

6. Carbon (IV)

Short, Action | Announced

"CARBON" is a short film that follow a young girl Lola Green and her father Robert Green as they try to survive following the collapse of the U.S. Government. What if everything that sounds right turns out to be what destroys us.

Director: Charles Black

7. Power (II) (2019)

Short, Drama

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There is no need to get into statistics, all you must do is open your eyes and heart. Addiction is everywhere around us today. From our local news headlines, to law enforcement giving shots... See full summary »

Director: Charles Black | Stars: Gregg Arnold, Charles Black, Officer Wyma

8. Unknown (V)

Short, Horror | Announced

While stranded in the middle of the night in the desert, a young couple are fighting to survive from a terrifying creature.

Director: Charles Black

9. Red Jack

Short, Action, Adventure | Post-production

Three teenagers make a gruesome discovery as they prepare to pan for gold in the desert. The whirlwind of dangerous events that follow soon spiral out of control, changing their lives forever.

Director: Charles Black | Stars: Gregg Arnold, Nevaeha Yniguez, Aaron Ricca, Alana Cortez

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