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1. Without Remorse (II) (2021)

R | 109 min | Action, Thriller, War

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41 Metascore

An elite Navy SEAL, goes on a path to avenge his wife's murder only to find himself inside of a larger conspiracy.

Director: Stefano Sollima | Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner-Smith, Jamie Bell, Guy Pearce

Votes: 56,307

2. Just Mercy (2019)

PG-13 | 137 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

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68 Metascore

World-renowned civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson works to free a wrongly condemned death row prisoner.

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton | Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx, Brie Larson, Charlie Pye Jr.

Votes: 65,472

3. 61st Street (2022– )

TV-MA | 45 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Follows Moses Johnson, a promising high school athlete, who is swept up into the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal justice system.

Stars: Courtney B. Vance, Aunjanue Ellis, Mark O'Brien, Andrene Ward-Hammond

Votes: 611

4. Raising Dion (2019–2022)

TV-G | 50 min | Drama, Sci-Fi

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A widowed single mom discovers that her son has super powers and tries to figure out how to raise him safely and responsibly.

Stars: Alisha Wainwright, Ja'Siah Young, Jason Ritter, Sammi Haney

Votes: 14,672

5. A Journal for Jordan (2021)

PG-13 | 131 min | Drama

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42 Metascore

1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King, before he is killed in action in Baghdad, authors a journal for his son intended to tell him how to live a decent life despite growing up without a father.

Director: Denzel Washington | Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams, Jalon Christian, Robert Wisdom

Votes: 1,570

6. Fahrenheit 451 (2018)

TV-14 | 100 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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In a terrifying care-free future, a young man, Guy Montag, whose job as a fireman is to burn all books, questions his actions after meeting a young woman - and begins to rebel against society.

Director: Ramin Bahrani | Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Aaron Davis, Cindy Katz, Michael Shannon

Votes: 20,140

7. Methuselah

Action, Adventure | Pre-production

An action/adventure story centered on a 1,000-year-old man who has used his time on the planet to develop an unparalleled set of survival skills.

Director: Danny Boyle | Star: Michael B. Jordan

8. Untitled I Am Legend Sequel

Action, Horror, Sci-Fi | Announced

The plot is under wraps.

Stars: Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan

9. Rainbow Six

Action, Adventure, Crime | Announced

Plot unknown. Feature based on the Tom Clancy novel.

Star: Michael B. Jordan

10. Static Shock

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | Announced

A teenage boy, Virgil Hawkins, in the city of Dakota with electricity based powers, who with the help of his inventive friend, fights crime as a superhero.

11. Thomas Crown Affair Project

Crime, Drama, Romance | Announced

Third take on the Thomas Crown Affair movies.

Star: Michael B. Jordan

12. The Silver Bear

Thriller | Announced

When Columbus, one of the most respected hitmen in the criminal underworld, takes the contract on a congressman running for President, he discovers his quarry is tied to his mysterious past... See full summary »

Director: Gerard McMurray | Star: Michael B. Jordan

13. Failsafe

Action, Thriller | Announced

A corrupt ally gets legendary insurgent hunter John Ravane to prevent sleeper agents from taking over New York while Ravane's daughter is kidnapped.

Star: Michael B. Jordan

14. I Helped Destroy People

Drama | Announced

Follows Terry Albury, the F.B.I. agent who ended up in prison after he publicly disclosed classified documents to blow the whistle on the operation in which he was tasked with infiltrating Muslim communities post-9/11.

Star: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

15. The Greatest

Biography | Announced

The first authorized series of Muhammad Ali.

16. The Broken Earth

Fantasy, Sci-Fi | Announced

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17. The Ancestor

Thriller | Announced

Plot unknown.

Star: Tika Sumpter

18. Val Zod

Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Announced

Follows a Black Kryptonian hero with powers who comes from the same planet as Superman and finds refuge on Earth 2.

19. Untitled Jordan Vogt-Roberts/Monster Project

Horror | Announced

Plot details being kept under wraps.

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

20. Middle West

Crime, Drama | Announced

A pair of FBI agents in Chicago FBI get called to investigate the murder and disappearance of two cops in Gary, Indiana.

21. You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty

Drama | Announced

A 29-year old Nigerian aspiring artist in Brooklyn who loses her husband in a tragic accident. While she grieves through her art, her life begins to turn around when she meets a handsome new man at a party.

22. Fashionably Black

Comedy | Announced

Viral sensation Zoe Bankole who, after becoming the industry's first and only black woman creative director for a French haute couture house, must contend with short deadlines, petty rivals.

23. Kingdom of Souls

Fantasy | Announced

Plot unknown.

24. Victories Greater Than Death

Sci-Fi | Announced

High school student Tina is hiding a deep secret that she's the keeper of an interplanetary beacon that will activate someday soon, calling her home as the clone of an alien charged with saving the galaxy.

25. 2%

Drama | Announced

A young man and his friends make history in NYC.

26. The Liberators

Drama | Announced

The story of how the United States' 761st regiment in World War II, a combat unit of all African-American troops led to the desegregation of the armed forces.

Star: Andrew R. McCallister

27. Super Day Care

Animation | Announced

In a world of super heroes and super villains there is only one super day care.

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