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1. Ane (2016)

13 min | Short, Drama

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Stranded on a deserted island, a man makes Fire his best friend.

Director: Nunzio Fazio | Stars: Stephen Todt, Jesse James

2. Out of the Woods (II)

Comedy | Announced

So, he defeated the monster and survived the cabin in the woods - now what?

Director: Stev Elam

3. The Departure (I)

Drama, History | Announced

In 67 AD, a brutal Roman soldier's life is changed when he is given the task of guarding the Apostle Paul in order to learn where the Christians congregate.

4. A New Frontier

Drama | Announced

In light of a new post-war era, a man joins a futuristic program in pursuit of inspiration, purpose, and peace.

5. Hemingway's Brooklyn

Comedy | Announced

An uninspired writer seeking his muse takes an odd job but only to lead him to a more chaotic result.

6. Gone to the Dogs

Drama | Announced

A story about a proud and resilient dog musher who travels through the Alaskan wilderness in a hope to save the children of his town from a sudden outbreak.

7. The Boss (I)

Drama | Announced

A tale surrounding the historical events in the Soviet Union by one of its prominent leaders during his reign as we show his rise, ruling, and eventual downfall.

8. The Likes Boat

Comedy | Announced

A satire about a washed-up actor who clashes with a new generation as he decides to teach them a lesson.

9. The Island (III)

Fantasy | Announced

A bewildered man is thrust into a foreign world, where he must accept a mission to save the land and its people or perish onto oblivion.

10. Metropolis (III)

Drama | Announced

The tale of five men as they compete for available property in New York City.

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