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1. Murder Drone (2020)

90 min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Five Millennials are Kidnapped by the Shadow Government and Hunted by Killer Drones with a Newly Developed Plasma Beam Weapon. It becomes a Race for their Lives.

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

2. King David: Nephilim Slayer

Action, Adventure | Announced

"King David" Nephilm Slayer is based on the true story of King David's Battles against the Philistine Giants.

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

3. Terminator: Worlds End

Action | Announced

John Conors DNA is sampled and sent to the future where skynet creates a new Terminator utilizing Conors DNA. Skynet sends the Cyborgs back to specific destinations on Earth to be detonated... See full summary »

4. The War of Gods and Men

Action | Announced

"Long before man warred with man, the gods battled among themselves. The Wars of Gods and Men is the final battle between Man and Supernatural Forces called Angels or Demons who return to the earth to destroy mankind.

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

5. Z.O.B

Drama | Pre-production

Five Jewish Revolutionary Officers (ZOB) fleeing the Warsaw ghetto encounter SS on the Vistula River. After capturing an SS officer it becomes a race for their survival.

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

6. JFK the Missing Files

Drama | Announced

Under the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, the library of documents about Kennedy's death must be made public in full by the deadline of this October 26, the law's 25th ... See full summary »

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

7. Opperation Cobra

Action | Announced

The untold story of how a CIA officer trained a network of agents who found the Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Director: Mikel Ravenscroft

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