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1. A Lion Returns (2020)

91 min | Drama

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After spending 18 months in Syria, Jamal is back in Sydney and wants to see his terminally ill mother, however he has to deal with his strong minded older brother Omar, his wife Heidi and son, but most importantly his unforgiving father.

Director: Serhat Caradee | Stars: Maha Wilson, Jacqui Purvis, Moustafa Dennawi, Serhat Caradee

Votes: 79

2. Cedar Boys (2009)

100 min | Crime, Drama

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A journey into the lives of young Middle Eastern men from Sydney's outer west with dreams and desires to better themselves and fit in

Director: Serhat Caradee | Stars: Martin Henderson, Rachael Taylor, Bren Foster, Fayssal Bazzi

Votes: 513

3. Killer Country

Drama | Announced

The life and story of Katherine Knight. The first woman in Australia to be sentenced to life in prison, never to be released, for a crime no-one will ever forget.

Director: Serhat Caradee | Stars: Laura Gordon, Kate Box, Anthony Gooley

4. Snake in the Valley

Drama | Announced

Two ex-Special Forces soldiers pay a visit on the witness whose testimony over an incident in Afghanistan sent them to prison in Australia.

Director: Serhat Caradee

5. My Country

Drama | Announced

After losing their entire family to a stray missile on a Mediterranean beach, 2 surviving brothers kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Sydney family with 3 other local men. Her father's company supplies the GPS guides for the missiles.

Director: Serhat Caradee

6. The Hilton Conspiracy (TV Movie)

Drama | Announced

1978 a bomb explodes outside the Sydney Hilton Hotel killing 3 people and injuring many others. It was considered Australia's first act of terrorism. 3 men spent 7 years in prison for allegedly being involved. Its still an unsolved crime.

Director: Serhat Caradee

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