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1. Real Artists (2017)

12 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern 'creative' process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Director: Cameo Wood | Stars: Tiffany Hines, Tamlyn Tomita, Connie Jo Sechrist, Natalie Conneely

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2. The Atavist

Adventure | Announced

A young street hustler from the distant future finds a way to live in the romanticized past, but when she discovers her presence is destroying the future she must get help from new friends to reverse her mistakes.

3. Dukha in Summer (2014)

6 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

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A short visit to the reindeer herders of the east taiga in Mongolia.

Director: Cameo Wood

4. Hatchlings

Sci-Fi | Announced

After learning a dark secret about her sisters, a young mermaid must betray everyone she knows, but when she risks everything and start a war she must discover how to make peace before all is lost.

5. Rebirth (IV)

Sci-Fi | Announced

On the verge of an extinction level event, a group of women survive a disaster, but when they try to escape they must learn to survive together or the entire human species dies with them.

6. The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing (2012–2014)


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Stars: Zoetica Ebb, Daniel Frei, Shien Lee

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