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1. Ugly Ducklings (2020)

80 min | Adventure, Comedy, Western

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Three eccentric middle-age brothers share a peyote vision that compels them to go out looking for the missing head of their hero, Pancho Villa. But when they venture out into the world, they encounter all sorts of strangeness.

Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky | Stars: Luis Deveze, Checo Rubio, Giancarlo Ruiz

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2. Sacrificios

Thriller | Filming

After suffering a traumatic loss, Juan attempts to find solace in the vastness of the sea. There a miraculous event promises to reverse everything...but at what cost?

Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky | Stars: Jorge A. Jimenez, Noé Hernández, Costanza Andrade, Moisés Arizmendi

3. Hotel O

Horror, Thriller | Announced

When a young woman ends up dead in an LA hotel, her twin sister follows to find out what happened - and discovers the hotel has many more secrets to hide.

Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky

4. The Dark (VI)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

During Covid19, Carlos flees from his home- pulled towards a mysterious mountain in the wilderness where he thinks he can stay safe and reconnect with his childhood. But when Joey steps out of the woods, things take a dark turn.

Director: Mauricio Chernovetzky | Stars: Giancarlo Ruiz, Checo Rubio

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