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1. Lab Rat (2019)

Short, Sci-Fi

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Director: Nour Wazzi | Stars: Kirsty Sturgess, Sian Hill, Max Williams, Matt Harris

2. The Change (2018)

Short, Comedy | Completed

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A woman on the verge of menopause investigates "The Change", never realizing that she's about to uncover a global conspiracy.

Director: Janet Wells | Stars: Terri Dwyer, Helen Daniels, Dino Shiatis, Biffy McNally

3. The Club (VI)

Comedy | Announced

When West Park golf club hosts a Pro-Am tournament, captain Mike and his wife have visions of Tiger Woods flying in. However the three "Legends" that do arrive are not the sort of people the club was hoping to attract at all.

Director: Marion Pilowsky

4. The Lioness

Drama, History, Action | Announced

As the Hundred Year's War rages, French noble-woman Jeanne de Clisson swears revenge on the King of France for executing her husband. Selling her lands, she buys a fleet of ships and becomes the most feared pirate of her era.

5. Hounslow

Crime, Drama | Announced

After the death of a teenage boy by overdose, disgraced police detective Armadeep Kang is compelled to return to his hometown. However his investigation leads him down the dark corners of his own criminal past.

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