With I M From Mars Films (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

1. One Day in America

Drama | Pre-production

Portrait of America through stories that all take place on the same day, united by themes of social justice.

Star: Jon Sperry

2. The Godmother

Crime | Announced

She has to survive in the world of the Mafia.

3. Little Italians

Drama | Announced

Two orphans, a brother and sister, try to survive in the lurid world of sex-trade.

4. All the Queen's Men

Drama | Announced

A drama about a woman trying to reconstruct herself.

Director: Ivana Massetti

5. Mogador

Action, Adventure | Announced

Four young people make a crazy, deadly escape in this road movie from Las Vegas to Mexico.

Director: Ivana Massetti

6. The Life of Luciano Pavarotti

Biography | Announced

The life of the great tenor.

7. Leonardo (I)

Comedy | Announced

A hilarious unknown facet of the great genius Leonardo da Vinci, based on the book "Leonardo's Kitchen Note Books" by Jonathan and Shelagh Routh.

8. Voices from the Silence

Drama | Announced

The stories of people and their voices.

9. Excuse Me, Have You Seen the Aliens?

Comedy | Announced

A group of American women go to England on vacation.

Director: Ivana Massetti

10. Looking for Marcello

Comedy | Announced

A young woman goes in search for Marcello.

Director: Ivana Massetti

11. Love Is a Fairy Tale

Comedy | Announced

A young woman is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Director: Ivana Massetti

12. The Poet

Short, Drama | Announced

A young poetess searches for closure.

Director: Ivana Massetti

13. A Girl Under the Influence

Drama | Announced

The story of a girl under the influence.

Director: Ivana Massetti

13 titles.

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