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1. Dimension Slip

Sci-Fi | Post-production

Kate, a troubled young women wakes up in a parallel dimension and assumes her double's identity in order to solve her attempted murder.

Director: Barbara Toschi | Stars: Sophie Craig, Derek Nelson, Taryn Kay, Dan Deluca

2. Daemon Mind (2022)

Horror, Thriller

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A neuroscientist creates a device which frees her inner Daemon allowing her to seek a terrible vengeance upon her enemies

Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Acha Septriasa, Jasmine Blackborow, Sam Marks, Zephryn Taitte

3. Through a Dark Mirror (2019)

108 min | Mystery

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'You have no idea who I am or what I am capable of.' Six men die at exactly the same time but in different locations. One man connects their deaths. He is brought to a police secure unit for questioning.

Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Alexander Tol, Peter Parker Mensah, Omar Banana, Myra Ford

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4. Mea Culpa (II) (2018)

20 min | Short, Drama

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A crime lord find himself in purgatory where he discusses the fate of his soul with God and Devil.

Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Sean Young, Paul Dewdney, Leonie Zeumer

Votes: 9

5. Strangers and Neighbours (2020)


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Six individuals who live in the same block but have never met create an online support group for people struggling with living in isolation. They post video diaries over the first six weeks of the lockdown, sharing their experiences.

Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Laura Denmar, Paul Dewdney, Mitchell Fisher, Tilde Jensen

6. The Misadventures of Errol Flynn

Biography | Announced

'You have such a rare talent for getting into trouble, it's almost funny.' Before he was a Hollywood star, Flynn travelled the world as a penniless adventurer seeking the fame and fortune which would eventually destroy him.

8. An Adventure in Time

Adventure, Drama, Family | Pre-production

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Director: Jason Fite

9. Ghosts of the Wasteland (2021)

Short, Fantasy

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Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Andrew Baguley, Caz Coronel, George Malcher, Eileen Skopnik

10. Beyond Evil: The Dead of Night (2015)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, Horror, Mystery | Completed

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A group of filmmakers shooting a horror film in a house where real-life murders took place find themselves attacked by an evil force.

Director: Jason Fite | Stars: Nicola Kelleher, Nigel Genis, Yusuf Bhaimia, Jay Flynn

Votes: 8

11. The Horror, the Horror (2021)

Short, Comedy

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A dark night in a dark forest and five teenage friends are relentlessly pursued by a crazed axeman. He claims his first victim in a bloodied frenzy. The remaining survivors have to find a ... See full summary »

Director: Lachlan Smith | Stars: Sophie Bloor, John Henry Falle, Mitchell Fisher, Jason Fite

12. The Heroes

Drama | Announced

Two immortal brother battle throughout history for the soul of humanity.

13. Eden Falls

Drama | Announced

Drama series set in an exclusive psychiatric institution. The over-worked doctors must struggle to treat their patients while dealing with their own emotional issues and the complications of their own lives and relationships.

14. Bernie Davis: Plumber & Exorcist

Comedy | Announced

Blocked drain? Burst water pipe? Harassed by demonic entities? Call Bernie Davis - Plumber and Exorcist Bernie may have finally met his match when he is called out to Cavendish Castle to battle a spirit claiming to be the Devil.

15. Nocturamas

Mystery | Announced

Stories with a supernatural or psychological twist. A unique series in which thirteen different actors play different roles in thirteen different stand-alone episodes. American Horror Story meets Tales of the Unexpected.

16. Mirradoor

Mystery | Announced

A team of experts in strange phenomena are hired by a mysterious billionaire to investigate the forest of Mirradoor and discover the truth about its reputation as the worlds strangest place.

17. In Your Room

Drama | Announced

Inspired by Dylan Thomas' 'The Mouse and the Woman' and 'Love in the Asylum'. After suffering a breakdown, a writer escapes to a mountain hideaway and is visited by a mysterious stranger from a nearby psychiatric clinic.

18. The Ghosts of Virginia Woolf

Drama | Announced

Haunted by visions and voices from her past, Virginia is trapped in an empty mansion where she battles madness and trauma. Inspired by the Virginia Woolf's diaries and films such as Tarkovsky's 'Mirror' and Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad'

19. Medea

Drama | Announced

Medea, a powerful sorceress aids the Greek hero, Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece and then enacts a terrible revenge upon him when he betrays her.

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