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1. Afraid to Sleep (2016)

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

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Two years after the murder of her husband and daughter, Laura still has trouble sleeping. When she discovers a man is watching her from the bedroom closet with a gun, Laura's sleepless nights take a turn for the worse.

Director: Demetrius 'Mete' Jones | Stars: Shannon Murray, Damian Jones, Benjamin Watts, Nikka Ischelle

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2. Double Indemnity

Comedy, Crime | Announced

Two down on their luck good old boys conspire to collect a life insurance policy by faking one of their deaths. After hiring a professional killer, things go from bad to worse as they try to stay alive and pull off the scam of a lifetime.

Stars: Ben Seton, Benjamin Watts

3. Perish of Angels

Horror, Thriller | Announced

On the precipice of a demonic invasion, earth's salvation relies on one woman's ability to unravel her enigmatic visions, denying an ancient unforetold prophecy.

Director: Demetrius 'Mete' Jones | Stars: Brad Dourif, Nikki SooHoo, Roy Jones Jr., Jose Rosete

4. Survival (I)

Thriller | Announced

When five friends plan a survivalist trip into the wilderness, they can't wait to reconnect with nature and each other. Things start to unravel as their inner struggles surface and they begin to realize they're not alone in the woods.

Director: Benjamin Watts | Star: Eileen Seton

5. Messages from the Devil

Mystery | Announced

A seasoned cop's intuitive gift makes him an asset to his job, but after his wife is murdered, it may become his undoing.

Director: Demetrius 'Mete' Jones | Star: Benjamin Watts

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