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1. Space Samurai: Oasis

Sci-Fi | Pre-production

Within Oasis, one woman with a secret gene becomes Earth's last chance in a global fight for control of a catastrophic weapon - but she's no match for a madman.

Director: Mark Maine | Stars: Monte Markham, Nikki SooHoo, John Patrick Jordan, Veronika Dash

2. The Club (IV)

Drama | Pre-production

An arrogant and selfish investigative reporter goes deep undercover to crack open the crimes of the deadliest motorcycle club in the world. For them, there is no favor to lethal - and no ... See full summary »

Director: Mark Maine

3. Origin of Storms

Crime | Announced

A private investigator watches as his new client is shot right in front of his eyes, leaving him the sole eye-witness. As the evidence mounts up, he must wrestle with his own demons, as ... See full summary »

4. Tackling Dummies

Comedy | Announced

Two perpetual fantasy football losers hatch a plan to ensure their arch-rival Dean doesn't win again this season. Their plan contains a good bit of defense, a strong offense, and a whole lot of stupidity.

5. 39 Lashes

Drama | Announced

On August 21, 1831, spurred on by religious visions and a desperation for freedom, Nat Turner leads the largest slave rebellion in America. Believing he is doing God's work, Turner leads ... See full summary »

6. Inner Net

Sci-Fi | Announced

A flunky high school student hacks into a local radio station's phone system in order to win a $25,000 prize and is captured by the Feds. Faced with the option of going to prison or helping... See full summary »

7. Ghost Trackers

Horror | Announced

Stars of the successful reality TV show "Ghost Trackers" film an episode at a haunted hotel, famous for having its owner, staff, and several occupants brutally slain in a robbery years ago.... See full summary »

8. Thicker Than Water (II)

Crime | Announced

A series of grizzly murders across the city has caught the attention of the local vampire clan leader, who uses his influence to ensure one specific detective is assigned to the case-a ... See full summary »

9. Death at Mark Twain

Comedy | Announced

A prominent businessman is found murdered on a Mississippi River riverboat in 1852. It's up to the passengers to find out whodunit before they reach their next stop in Memphis, where the ... See full summary »

10. Drawing Dead

Drama | Announced

A down-on-his-luck gambler has blown through all his winnings, borrowed money from all the wrong people, and keeps getting deeper into the hole. His only hope to save his miserable life ... See full summary »

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