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1. Cul-de-sac

Horror | Announced

When five high school seniors head to a house party, they end up at the wrong address, where they are confronted by a murderous husband and wife who have sinister plans for the young females in the group.

Director: Ryan Curtis

2. Finite Water (2019)


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The effects of water shortages are being seen all over the world in our lifetime. Adapting to a changed reality takes precedent in a world of over 7 billion people. Hear what others have to... See full summary »

Directors: Zach Thomson, Dianne Wennick | Stars: Richard Chamberlain, Ka'eo Kealoha Lindsey, 'Sindari' The Goat, Shannon Kamaehu Maria

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3. Sleep Deprivation

Thriller | Announced

Natasha finds herself locked in a futuristic room with no doors, no windows, and no idea of how she got there. She must search for an escape before it's too late, and either her captor, or her psychoses tear her apart.

Director: Brett Leonard

4. Destination Supernatural (2021– )

Reality-TV | Announced

Mark Anthony the Psychic Explorer, a science based evidential medium, adventurer and paranormal expert, uses evidence from beyond to examine mysteries ranging from the cosmic to the subatomic. Supernatural investigating the Supernatural.

Star: Mark Anthony

5. Cryptid File: LYCAN (2021)

Horror | Announced

Every seven years a half-human, half-canine creature known as the Michigan Dog-Man reemerges in Wexford County, to wreak havoc on the unlucky souls who venture into the rural woods late at night.

Stars: Lori Pelenise Tuisano, Zachary Alexander Rice, Kelemete Misipeka, Westley LeClay

6. Ok Bye (2020– )


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Gen Z'er, Zach, is an awkward teen at Burbank High School. Ironically, he has no idea just how awkward he really is. Zach sees himself as an awesome "winner" to be envied--and way cooler than he really is.

Stars: Mark Anthony, Mark Anthony, Nadia Dawn, Jack Carlisle

7. Citizen Kaye

Adventure | Announced

While mistaking symbolism for power when handed the key to the city, Kaye, your friendly neighborhood busybody, goes on a series of misadventures.

Director: Rebekah Ganiere | Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Westley LeClay, Lindsay Bird, David Tu'itupou

8. Cryptid File: Chupacabra

Horror | Announced

Officials descend on the small town of Dexter, NM as word spreads of recent Chupacabra sightings. All signs indicate alien activity, the attention turns to a peculiar boy (Lenny) who knows far more than many would suspect.

Stars: Sala Baker, Lori Pelenise Tuisano, Zachary Alexander Rice, Westley LeClay

9. 2 Damn Rich TV (2018–2019)


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Brand Z is a luxury Concierge Service working with the top 1% richest people in the world--with a twist--It is run by a 15 year old boy and his Godfather.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Kelemete Misipeka, Rolf Smith

10. 60 Hours

Action | Announced

60 Hours is the story of Private Dale Rex, a color blind World War 2 hero, who shot down over 300 Nazi soldiers, while trapped inside a cold wet foxhole for 60 hours straight.

Director: Ryan Little | Stars: Lincoln Hoppe, Zachary Alexander Rice, Angella Joy, Lindsay Bird

11. The Grossmans

Animation | Announced

Every neighborhood has a family like this...well maybe not this gross...but they are family.

Stars: Nadia Dawn, Tara Battani, Lacianne Carriere, Zachary Alexander Rice

12. Cryptid File: BIGFOOT (2021)

Horror | Announced

Obsessed tracker, Wesley Packer, believes the legendary creature known as Bigfoot is actually Cain (the cursed son of Adam from the Old Testament) still roaming the earth today. He is determined to prove it.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Chris Olachea, Mark Anthony

13. Burned (III)

Action | Announced

The souls of the women who were executed in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 are reincarnated into the bodies of four young women in 2021, plot to take their revenge upon the descendants of those who ordered their deaths over 400 years ago.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Chris Olachea, Leslie Gladney

14. In Game Characters

Reality-TV | Announced

A behind the scenes journey of a Motley Crew of characters united in their passion for gaming.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Westley LeClay, Lindsay Bird, David Tu'itupou

15. Not your average Side Hustle (LA) (2021– )


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Two dynamic Side hustlers decide to create an empowering wearable art line all while dealing with the pandemic.

Star: Christine Patrice Berry

16. Fragile Kingdom

Action | Announced

Under threat from her sinister brother - who is about to ascend the throne, our hero princess plans the overthrow of her own family's monarchy to establish a republic.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Angella Joy, Lindsay Bird, David Tu'itupou

17. Cryptid File: AL13N (2021)

Sci-Fi | Announced

Centered around real-life University of Cryptozoology, this fictional series follows a motley crew who stumble into a world of monsters/aliens/conspiracies while battling powerful elites bent on using alien tech to control the world.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Chris Olachea, Leslie Gladney, Mark Anthony

18. KidsRock101 (2015– )

22 min | Music

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Kids Rock TV geared for ages 10-15 years of age. A new TV show showcasing newest and best talent around North America.

Stars: Angelique Berry, Christian-Logan Moore, Zachary Alexander Rice

20. The Supernatural University


Evidentiary medium, Professor Mark Anthony explores supernatural claims of Cryptids, Aliens and Paranormal worldwide activity and uses his supernatural gift to get answers to the questions that have plagued mankind for millennia.

Stars: Zachary Alexander Rice, Mark Anthony

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