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1. Hall

Horror, Mystery, Thriller | Post-production

When a debilitating sickness spreads across a long hotel hallway, a few scattered victims fight for survival, and try to escape from the dark narrow stretch of isolated carnage.

Director: Francesco Giannini | Stars: Julian Richings, Carolina Bartczak, Vlasta Vrana, Dawn Ford

2. Tax Shelter Terrors (2017)


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A look how the Canadian Government tax incentives helped develop Canada's horror and exploitation film industry.

Directors: Xavier Mendik, Michael Bickerton, Francesco Giannini, Deke Richards | Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson, René Bail, John Boylan, Marilyn Chambers

3. The Flare (2016)

Not Rated | 25 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

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In a world brought back to the pre-Industrial Revolution, a reclusive middle aged woman goes on a quest to uncover her past before being taken to a permanent retirement facility.

Director: Francesco Giannini | Stars: Ellen David, Miranda Handford, Trevor Hayes, Carter Delaney McEwan

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4. Woodland Grey

Thriller | Post-production

When a man living alone in the woods saves the life of a young woman, they are forced to coexist. Chaos ensues when the woman makes a terrifying discovery in the woods behind the man's home and unleashes something truly haunting.

Director: Adam Reider | Stars: Art Hindle, Jenny Raven, Katharine King So, Tristan D. Lalla

5. Città d'Oro

Short, Drama | Announced

An impoverished farmer comes into a gross sum of wealth when one of his chickens uncharacteristically begins to lay eggs of pure gold.

Director: Francesco Giannini

6. Man Lost World (I)

Drama | Pre-production

A grieving postman agrees to help a new friend connect with his teenage son, but begins to befriend the kid, believing he'd make a better father figure.

Director: Francesco Giannini

7. The Perch

Horror | Announced

While on a forest hiking trip, a widowed father and his two teenage children are stalked by a mysterious monster, trapping them up high on a small hunter's perch, and pushing them in a fight for survival and their broken family.

Director: Frederic Lefebvre

8. Limo (II)

Thriller | Announced

When a spoiled rich girl is trapped in a remote-controlled limo, its owner subjects her to a series of disturbing moral dilemmas to prove that money corrupts, and she deserves to die.

9. Sorry (I) (2013)

7 min | Short, Drama, Family

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A myriad of life memories play back within the mind of an 80 year old man Billy, as he observes his love Sophie taking her last breaths as he sits at her bedside. The words 'I'm Sorry' ... See full summary »

Director: Lauren Wise | Stars: Zachary Amzallag, Paige Bultz, Donna Byrne, Katherine Cleland

10. Thousand Legged Terror (2018)

Short, Horror

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Sophie, who has been tasked with caring for her young nephew Peter, finds herself on a deserted country road late at night. An unscheduled pit stop is suddenly interrupted by Walter, a ... See full summary »

Director: Frederic Lefebvre | Stars: Pierre-François Bouffard, Florence Cassius de Linval, Kathryn Klove

11. John's Bicycle

Romance | Announced

A story about a young man, his bicycle, and the herculean labors he does to persuade a woman to fall in love with him in a small village in Northern Greece.

Director: Colin Riendeau

12. Fendrel the Fool (2018)

Short, Horror

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A group of kids living in an apartment complex in Chesapeake, Virginia come face to face with an evil entity that takes the form of a Jester, who targets them and their families.

Director: Francesco Giannini | Stars: Florence Cassius de Linval, Mathieu Lapointe

13. Le Blink

Biography, Drama | Announced

This is the story of a man from Havre-Saint-Pierre who began his career as a laborer on construction sites in Quebec and who went on to become the General Director of the largest construction trade union of the Quebec government.

Director: Francesco Giannini

14. Man Lost World (II)

Drama | Pre-production

A grieving postman agrees to help a new friend reconnect with his estranged teenage son, but soon believes he would make a better father figure than him.

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